WakenMake.com Is Rebranding, Rebuilding, and Relaunching!

Find out what’s shakin, and how you can get involved!

WakenMake.com was originally created as a blog to inspire others to travel and explore more. I’ve recently decided to narrow its focus to travel related to live music, festivals, and other events that bring people together through culture and art. We all have something to gain by seeking out experiences that celebrate creativity. This website will promote upcoming events, and offer resources to help you prepare for them.

The quick flick below was the *OG* original video I created for WakenMake back in the day. Stay tuned for the next one that will reflect the new focus on live music and festivals!

Life is a celebration, not a destination.

Create a life you love to live.

Here’s What to Expect in the Coming Weeks:

  • I’ll be re-launching a completely new website which will include my current project: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Thrive and Survive at a Music Festival.
  • I’ll be re-launching my online store that will feature the most innovative, useful, and dopest festival gear out there.
  • I’ll be networking, looking for people to collaborate with, events to attend, and gear to sell and promote.
  • I’ll be recruiting homies to join me, and get involved!

WakenMake.com will feature written and video content that will cover the following topics:

Attending a music festival for the first time can be one of the best experiences of your life. However, if you’re not mentally and physically prepared, it could also be the worst. There are several factors to consider when attending a music festival. This will be an extensive guide, packed with advice, suggestions, resources, reviews, and other tips and tricks to ensure that you don’t merely survive, but that you thrive at your first music festival.

The guide will be broken down into these 8 sections that will each be explored at length:

  1.  Selecting
    Learn about what goes on at a festival, the pros and cons of attending one, different types to choose from, and which one is right for you.
  2. Preparing
    Besides preparing yourself physically and mentally, there are a lot of factors to coordinate before a festival such as recruiting friends, and arranging transportation and lodging.
  3. Packing
    Combine a multi-day camping trip with the elements of extreme weather, and partying. Here are packing lists and suggestions for very necessary things to bring to make sure you survive the harsh festival environments.
  4. Arriving
    Organization and set-up techniques to help you camp like a champ, not like a chump.
  5. Surviving
    Crucial tips and tricks to help you maintain a well-balanced bender, and rage responsibly.
  6. Thriving
    Ideas for ways you can Immerse yourself in the culture, open up, and express yourself. You’ll never find yourself if you don’t get lost.
  7. Departing
    Not only is the festival over, now you have to pack up, this part sucks. Here are some tips to make it suck less.
  8. Decompressing
    Back to reality. Give yourself time to appreciate and reflect upon your experience, and to relax and recuperate before you fling yourself back into the real world.

These guides will cover specific festivals, concerts, and events that I’m personally promoting and attending. They’ll provide useful resources and information about:

  1. The Event
  2. The Artists
  3. The Venue
  4. Getting There
  5. Lodging and Camping Options
  6. Onsite and Offsite Amenities
  7. What to Bring
  8. What to Wear

Here is an example of what you can expect : Beginner’s Guide to Envision Festival

Connect with us if you’d like us to cover your event.

This section will promote upcoming events such as festivals, concerts, and other cultural events. It will feature news about upcoming events, and recaps and reviews of past events. If you’d like to promote your own event or post your own review, please connect with us, we’d love to share.

Here is an example of an event we recently covered: Fool’s Paradise, Recap, Review, and Beginner’s Guide

This will feature galleries and albums of pics and flicks from events around the world. You can also find various playlists featuring various genres, specific festival line-ups, and our favorite artists to sample. If you’d like to promote your own media on our site please connect with us, we’d love to share.

Check out WakenMake87’s YouTube Channel for some sweet flicks.

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WakenMake.com was originally created as a blog that covered various topics such as adventure, travel, party, and lifestyle. Recently the blog has evolved and has narrowed its focus to travel related to live music, festivals, and other events that bring people together through culture and art. This will be a collection of some of the older travel blogs and content that were created before the shift.
*Currently recruiting products and brands to sell and promote in our online store*

It’s our mission to provide you with all of the resources you need to survive and thrive at a music festival, including the most innovative, useful, and dopest gear out there. We are constantly seeking out brands, products, apparel, and camping gear that will enhance your festival experience. If you have a brand or product you’d like us to promote in our online store please connect with us.

The WakenMake Shop will include the following types of products:

  1. Travel and Festival Apparel
  2. Costumes, and Accessories 
  3. Outdoor Accessories and Gadgets
  4. Camping Gear
  5. Campsite Decoration
  6. Packing and Organizational Gear
  7. Entertainment, Props, Hoops, Flow Toys
  8. Artwork
  9. Party Supplies
  10. Beauty, Health, and Wellness
  11. Arts and Craft Supplies
  12. Event Tickets, and Travel Packages

We’re all about collaboration and cross promotion. We’d love to work with anyone who is in alignment with what we’re all about. Using our website and social media platforms we invite anyone to promote your:

  • Event
  • Content
  • Brand
  • Website
  • Products
  • Artwork

Services We Offer:

  • Promotional Content
  • Promotional Videos
  • Photography
  • Event & Gear Reviews



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