Wake of Bake November 2015


Tis’ The Season

Here are some highlights and a recap of November 2015

Charleston, and Columbia SC

  • Homie Thanksgiving Party
  • STS9 Concert
  • Tailgating for a Football Game
  • College Basketball Tournament

The STS9 show was epic and also full of D-Gens that actually came with me. Hanna, Hanzberry and I rode there together and went and met up with some friends at California Dreaming for some drinks and some food. they have $2.00 wells all the time so it’s a good place to go if you’re ballin on a budget. For one of my friends who will not be named, it was dangerous. I would say that it was the beginning of the end, but California Dreaming was not the beginning of his bender that had actually started two days prior.
So we continued pre-gaming, and eventually made our way to the show at Music Farm. My friends D-Gen #1 and D-Gen #2 were three sheets to the wind by that time, and didn’t even make it through the first set before getting kicked out, independant of eachother. D-Gen #2 was wasted and fell all over the place, and down the stairs. Almost simultaneously, D-Gen #1 was so crunk he actually started PEEING in the middle of the dance floor, and all over the people standing in front of him, inlcuding ME… Lawd have mercy. So advice to anybody: If you’ve been on a 3-day bender that includes all nighters, strip clubs, carolina games, and $2 drinks all day you may want to rethink your decision to go to a Sunday night show… So besides that, the show was sick. Sound Tribe crushed it, they have a new bass player Alana and she’s awesome.
The next highlight would be partying for Thanksgiving Holidays. We had a big party at our house complete with live music, a low country boil, and of course a Champagne Campaign. Then the party continued on to another friends house, (after the cops came to ours) with more live music. Then, the next day we got our Sunday on in a haze of gluttony, mimosas, and a “Friendsgiving” feast. Somehow I mustered up the energy to go to the finals game of the Charleston Classic Basketball tournament that was hosted at the College of Charleston Arena. The game was exciting, but really the band was the main source of entertainment if you ask me. Check them out in the video below, they were killin’ it!
Carolina has had a pretty week year for football, but they did manage to hold it down against Clemson for the very last game of the season. We had a massive migration from Charleston to Columbia for the game. It was the first one I’ve attended in years, and also the first time I’ve ever tailgated with the Vizzle! We pulled into the RV tailgating spot Friday night and were immediately welcomed by a swarm of friendly redneck RV-ers who helped us get parked, offered us shots, and invited us to the neighboring RV spot where there was a little party going on. I love RV culture.
After partying with my fellow RV homies, I went to Tin Roof in the Vista and partied there, everyone was rocking their team colors and getting hyped up for the game. Unfortunately the game was at noon the next day, meaning Saturday would be a marathon.
So Saturday we were up bright and early, eating chik-fil-a nuggets, and drinking champagne. I arrived at the game during half time, which was right when it got interesting. There was a period of time in which the scores were so close that Carolina had a chance to tie it up which was pretty epic considering Clemson was the best team in the league, and we were like, the worst. So the game was exciting and then the marathon continued when we had a big crew come kick it at the RV for the rest of the afternoon, and our crew continued to get bigger and migrate all over downtown Columbia, to Virginia and Colin’s house, and eventually to Night Caps which is a great late night spot. By the time we made it back to the RV which was about 3:00 am we had been partying for a solid 15 hours straight. Sunday, we packed up our things, drove back to Charleston, and then I slept for a solid 16 hours.
Now, I’m on a plane heading to Dominican Republic for an epic event called Dominican Holidaze and I’m sooooo stoked! HoLLa!!

  • Columbia @ STS9
  • Club 61
  • Columbia @ USC Game

D-Gens – degenerates
Club 61 – my house