Tipper and Friend’s Fool Moon Gathering 2016

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So I was just shakin’ it down at a music festival called Tipper and Friends Full Moon Gathering In Live Oak Florida, April 22-23.   Tipper was the headliner and he played both nights, but there were tons of other amazing artists throwin’ it down throughout the weekend including Shpongle, Cut Chemist, Lusine, Ott- one of my favorites, and several others.  The music alone was enough to convince me to go, but the VJ’s brought the experience to a whole new level or should I say dimension with their insane psychedelic, intergalactic, digital wizadry.



The festival was held at The Spirit of Suwanee Music Park, one of the dopest locations for a festival I’ve been to not just in the southeast but anywhere.  This place is a well oiled machine when it comes to throwing festivals, these homies definitely know what they’re doing.  When they’re not throwing raging parties this place is big campground that normal people go to with their families so they have lots of amenities that are a rarity at your typical pop up festival.  The fact that this place is absolutely gorgeous, with tall mossy trees, A river with multiple beaches to kick it on, a mystical looking lake, and dope art installations everywhere  is just icing on the cake.



So as far as the music goes, all of the magic happened at the Amphitheatre Stage, with elevated rows and sections so you can easily see the shenanigans on stage from anywhere.  There was plenty of space to bring your hoops and flow toys, kick back in a hammock, or of course you can just rage the front.

Besides the music there were art installations everywhere for you to enjoy and explore, you could swing in the Jelly Lounge, post up in the Temple of Life or even ride the ferris wheel.  There was live art going down everywhere, and several vendors selling dope gear and dank food.

They offered other activities as well, like Yogarina, Belly AscenDance , A meditation hike, a gong flow, and a few other workshops, although I can’t really comment on any of those cause I was posted up in Club Pillow during that time.




Thursday night, I Loaded up RV w/ a bunch of homies from Charleston, and cruised down to Live Oak Florida, where Tipper and Friends was going to go down.  We arrived at The Spirit of Suwanee Music Park in the middle of the night.  The festy didn’t start until Friday, so once we posted up, we set up camp and explored the venue.  Some peeps were still working and setting up…but most were just partying.


Friday it rained all day so we had nothing to do but kick it in the Vizzle (RV) drink lots of champagne, and we may have gone a little overboard with the flashtats…Eventually the sun went down, the moon came up, the rain stopped, and the music started!  We had been gettin our minds right all day- but we were not prepared to get our minds blown. The music was bumpin, and soooo good and outta nowhere like 100 peeps rolled down the hill with Mad LED hoops & Light up flow toys.

Then, the VJ’s started doing the most insane crazy trippy shit on the **screen that you’ve ever seen….  At that point I was transported into some kind of digital outer space land.  There were a few different VJ’s at the festy, but I have to admit, as usual,  I never really knew who was who at the time but they were all ridiculously amazing. All I can say is it was cray cray in a good way!


Saturday the weather was perfect so to celebrate we champagne campaigned a lil bit, and then finally got to explore the epicness of the Spirit of Suwanee music park in the daytime.  I cruised over to shakedown street to eat some delicious indian food, and buy this dope hood and matching leggings from Pineal Paradise, check them out, they have lots of sweet festy gear!

After that we roamed around a lil bit, and then made our way to the Amphitheater Stage just in time for the 420 Cut Chemist hammock session, but honestly the idea of laying down in a hammock or even just standing still during a cut chemist set sounds torturous.  He was throwin’ down some funktacular beats that had errbody movin’ and groovin!  We were cuttin rugs, limboing,  we were doin’ the charleston, and we were definitely sweatin’.

One of our crew danced her back out, so after the show we all went to Harmonia to massage and beat box her pain away.  Harmonia is a sick organization from Asheville that goes to festivals to provide aid and support to people who are having- let’s just say- a bad trip to put it briefly.  

It was around this time that we found the most epic groundscore of the weekend… a little tiny hand- that goes on your finger… so simple, yet so amazingly awesome.  Later we mozied on down to Spirit Lake right before the sunset, and it coulda been the full moon, but I think this dude got taken over by the spirit of Suwanee, cause he came running out of the woods, yellin’ and hollerin’ all typsa nonsense, then jumped right into the lake, and was just actin like a fool!  I’m sure the dudes at Harmonia had a lot of work to do once someone finally got him outta there.

That night passed by in a flurry of spectacularness.  We got lit in so many ways! We had light up clothes, light up shoes, light up fur, laser guns, laser swords, and that was before we even left the RV…I love things that light up!  Shout out to my homies @ Electric Styles who hooked it up w/all this sweet gear!

Once again the music was sick, the artwork was insane, the full moon was high in the sky everyone else was too. Eventually, the music was ended, but, the party kept going.  We frolicked we explored, we swung on swings, we rode the ferris wheel, and at one point we drank boxed wine and slapped the bag, while kicking it in a bunch of boxes…?  Literally… boxes.  I called it a night at a decent  hour knowing that we had to pack up and I had to drive the Vizzle home the next morning.