The Wake of Bake Summer & Fall 2015

The Wake of Bake

What’s Shakin!? Where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing.


Hulaween Music Festival @ Suwanee 

HaLLoWeEn!! My Favorite HoLLaDaY!


Location:  Live Oak, Florida – Spirit of Suwanee Music Park & Campgrounds

Activities & Events: Hulaween Music Festival (So Epic!)

Food, Drinks, Nightlife : Everything, Everywhere, All Day, Every Day


Ever since I stopped getting lots of christmas presents, Halloween has been my favorite holiday. In Charleston, SC we take Halloween very seriously, it’s been coined “Halloweek” here.  After living here and going to school here for 5 + years the spectacularness of halloween has really been ingrained in my brain.


My homegirl Abby sent me the link and line-up for Hulaween earlier this summer and asked if I wanted to go… I was like… “DUH!?!?” Lets think about it… It pretty much engulfs like all of my favorite things… Sick music, a BeAuTiFuL property/campground, so many homies, CoStUmEs, dancing, LED lights, champagne, disco balls, lots of good looking people, even bicycles!  Not to mention now we have the R-VIZZLE!!! (RV)   Which was so crucial…


So yeah, it was an epic weekend.  My two main costumes were a Galactic Warrior on Friday, and on Saturday we all dressed up as Mermaids.  I’m also currently working on a pretty extensive guide for “Music Festival Survival,” so stay tuned!  I could type on and on about how sick Hulaween was, but just watch these quick flicks and see for yourself…


Charleston, SC &    Asheville, NC

Reverse Rhode Trippin’ & Epic Flood!


Location:  Newport, Rhode Island, Richmond VA, Charleston SC, Asheville NC

Activities & Events: Road Trip in the RV, Pig Pickin’ @ The Crib, Epic Flood in SC, Concert in Asheville, Kayaking/Baptism on Lake Gordon

Food, Drinks, Nightlife : Cary Street Cafe, New Mountain AVL,  The Music Farm Columbia, Hurricane Party @ The Tides Hotel on Folly, Hometeam BBQ,

Live Music/Artist/Bands: Big Wild, Griz, Polish Ambassador, Emancipator


The past couple of weeks have been EVENTFUL to say the least.  I made 2 Road Trips from Newport, Rhode Island to Charleston, South Carolina.  The first time I drove my 4 runner down, then I flew back and drove the R-Vizzle (The RV…AKA RaGe VeSSeL)   Both times I made a pit stop in Richmond, Virginia to break up the 15-18 hour trip.  My homies Dave and Stacy live there, and we went and kicked it at the Cary Street Cafe  for some live music, a good way to unwind from a long day/night of driving!

Back in South Carolina things got really interesting.  Initially my homecoming was spectacular,  my brother and lots of our friends threw a “pig pickin,” or BBQ at our house, fully equipped with a huge roasted pig, and a bluegrass band.  One handful of that mouth watery BBQ and I was fully reacquainted with my southern roots.  That day passed by in a flurry of laughter, banjos, and champagne.  After 3 months in Yankeeville, it was good to be back home!

The following weekend my plans to go to Asheville, NC to see Polish Ambassador and Emancipator got thwarted however, due to an imminent hurricane/storm that was headed directly towards the Carolinas.  So what do South Carolinians do when there is a threat of gnarly weather, and flooding?  Well we book 5 beachfront rooms at The Tides Hotel @ Folly Beach so that we can witness all of the action first hand.

Normally beachfront rooms are pretty pricey, but because of the oncoming storm lots of people canceled their reservations so we ended up getting like a 75% discount. So Friday night we partied out on Folly.  The Tides is right there in front of the Main Street where there are lots of sweet bars really close together so you can hop around.  Then, Saturday we headed back downtown where we barely made it back in time before the really bad weather started.  However we did make a pit stop at HomeTeam, one of the dankest BBQ spots in Charleston, to buy $100 worth of ribs, wings, and mac n cheese in case we got flooded in…

All day Saturday, we roamed the streets on our bikes and watched as areas of our hood flooded several feet.  In Charleston, one street can be completely dry, while the next street over, water is creeping onto peoples’ porches and into their homes.  There were mad cars that were totally flooded, left in the middle of the street because some dummy head driver attempted to get through an area where the water was too deep.   This happened to my brother Chap and his girlfriend Colleen.  They totaled her car trying to drive down the same street they had just driven down with no issues hours before.  Fortunately they were OK, however it was scary because they couldn’t open the doors and water was seeping into the car.  They had to climb out of the window…

What do Charlestonians do when their houses, cars  and streets get flooded?  Well we bust out all of the water toys, and anything that floats or rolls for that matter, stock up on beer and BBQ, and go frolicking through the streets.  My brother and I took a little tour down “Lake Gordon,”  Which is what our neighborhood nicknamed our street because it was one of the worst areas to flood, and it literally resembled a small lake.  It’s all fun and games until your kayak tips over in the gnarly dirty Charleston flood water and you go plunging head first into it (me!!) Ugh… Not the kind of Holy City baptism I wanted.


However all the fun was over by Sunday when the flooding turned real serious, real fast.  Charleston unfortunately floods pretty often, and we are used to it.  Columbia, SC on the other hand, experienced some real catastrophic flooding when a system of dams began collapsing one after another.  We had lakes on our streets, while they experienced rapid rivers.   Columbia happens to be my hometown, where I grew up and lived up until I was 18 years old so it hit really close to home for me.  The flooding was so serious that roads were collapsing and several people died.  Families were having to be rescued by boats from their roofs, and entire neighborhoods were ruined all over the city. The damage is estimated to be more than 1 billion dollars.


So everyone please send good vibes to the Carolinas, as well as the Bahamas which got really turnt’ up during the hurricane too!  I had some T-shirts made that are currently for sale on my online store.  For every shirt sold will donate 30% of profits to Harvest Hope.  They are sweet- 100 % polyester, long sleeve and short sleeve.  HoLLa!!



On a brighter note, the Polish Ambassador Show got rescheduled to the following weekend, and I was able to work it into my 2nd Road Trip.  My homie John helped me get the RV back home safely, and we met up with Catherine, Chris, Whitney, and Bryan in Asheville for the show.  It was at a sweet outdoor/indoor  venue in Asheville, NC called New Mountain AV.  I also stayed in an actual RV park for the first time ever, woop woop! (Although my spot in Newport was way sicker.) Eventually I made my way back to SC where I’m now posted up for the Fall, which is a great time to be here 🙂


My first weekend home with the help of a lot of donations from friends, I packed up the RV with supplies and headed to Columbia.  We dropped them all off at a donation drop off center, I got to see my mom, sisters, grandmother, and niece, and also got to see Big Wild and Griz @ the Music Farm which was a dope show!



Newport Rhode, Island

Newport International Boat Show

Location:  Newport, Rhode Island

Activities & Events: The Newport International Boat Show , Rollerblading through the Gooseneck Cove Salt Marsh

Food, Drinks, Nightlife : Fastnet Pub, Star Bar, The Grace – Vanderbilt

This was one of my last weeks in Newport, and we were getting geared up for the boat show, in the hopes that we could finally sell Sailing Yacht Two!  For the first time all summer we had to really work around the clock so she looked gooooooood!  Fortunately my homegirl/ old roomie on my old yacht Alina happened to be in town, so the “dream team” was reunited and with the help of some other harder-than-me working peeps, the boat looked great!

A boat show consists  of hundreds of boats that are for sale, usually they’re divided into new / and used boats. They can range from small little outboards, to big ole’ 300+ ft. yachts and anywhere in between.  Basically all of the boats are open to the public, and people can come on board and check them out.  It’s kind of like an open house, but for boats.  Unfortunately most of the people who come on board are more the touristy type who want to look around, not the ballers who can actually afford a $5,000,000 sailing yacht, and for this reason, the boat show can be annoying because you have to sit there and give tours to people when you wish they would just go away 🙂

We DID get some fish on the line throughout the weekend, but as of now it’s not looking too promising, I guess Sailing Yacht Two will continue to be on the market for a while longer, maybe I need to go down to Southern Florida this winter and continue working on her!? It’s def a possibility…

So as can be expected when you get a huge group of boats in one town, the weekend passed by in a haze of festivities and events that included lots of yachties, bars, and drinking. I did catch an epic sunset at the Grace Vanderbilt Hotel, and also stumbled across a beautiful nature reserve while rollerblading, called the Gooseneck Cove Salt Marsh.  Then, it was all over, and time for me to start making moves back down to South Cackalacky!

Newport is a funny place,  July 4th Weekend is the kickoff of summer,  and it seems to go from dead —> to poppin’.  It stays poppin’ for 3 months straight, everyone is partyin’ every night of the week. Then after Labor Day, it’s OvEr!  It goes dead, and cold overnight.  So yeah,  it’s been real New England!  It was on a whim that I decided to truck it up here and spend the summer freelancing but I’m really glad I did.

Working in the yachting industry is dope!  It’s the perfect job for anyone who is looking to get paid to travel to amazing places, meet awesome people, and learn a lot and grow as a person in so many ways.  The best part is once you get about a years worth of experience, (give or take) you can look into the option of free lancing which is a less permanent position.  Or, you can make it into a career, there are lots of options…Throughout the summer I put together a step by step guide to getting an entry level job on a yacht .  There’s all types of great resources and information on there for anyone who is thinking about giving it a try.  Check it out!





Boston, Massachusetts



Location:  Boston, Massachusets

Activities & Events: Skateboarding & Rollerblading down Storrow Drive.  Tour of Fenway Park, Pop Up Market

Food, Drinks, Nightlife : The Barking Crab, Cask n Flagon, Boston Beer Works, Rattlesnake Bar and Grill, Stephi’s in Southie

Artist/Group of the Week: Odesza


After 2 years I was re-united with my old Ta-homie Gabe.  I call him a “Tahomie” because he is a homie that I met while I was living in Lake Tahoe, California.  He flew out to Boston with his brother Sebastian to set up a booth at the American Field Pop Up Market.  The Pop Up Market is a sweet little vending event/ fair in which only American-made textiles and companies are present.  They have a company called Bison Made that makes long lasting heirloom quality leather accessories.

Boston is only an hour or so from Newport, so I drove in to kick it with them for the weekend. We found an affordable room to stay in through Air BnB.   We had an extra day to kill so we hopped on a skateboard and rollerblades and took a nice cruise down the bike path along Storrow Drive, and then cut into the city and headed towards Fenway Park.  Fenway Park is a historical landmark where The Boston Red Sox have played baseball for generations.  Gabe is a big baseball fanatic so he dragged me in there (they wouldn’t let me wear my rollerblades, but they DID let me bring champagne :)~ )  You can take a quickie 15 minute tour of the stadium, for like $10 or $15 bucks, it was actually pretty cool and interesting.

After the tour we stopped in a couple of the nearby bars for some food and drinks including Boston Beer Works, and Cask n’ Flagon.  Both had tasty grub and nice cold (stiff!) dranks.  As I mentioned before… Drinks are StRoNg up north… Eventually we had to roll back to the parking garage where we parked the car.  It was about 5 or 6 pm on a Friday by then, the time of day that school was getting out and there were people EvErYwHeRe, we were just cruisin’ by.

That night for dinner we ate at the Barking Crab, the food was mediocre, I think it’s more of a tourist trap.  We also went to the Rattlesnake Bar and Grill for drinks which normally is a sweet rooftop bar but it was raining.  We still had a good time 🙂 THEN to top it all off I got to meet my beautiful cousin Mary Hunter and her husband Billy for brunch the next day @ Stephi’s in Southie.  That place has the most extensive Bloody Mary bar I’ve ever seen, and the food was delicious!




Nantucket, Massachusets

Mooring Ballin’ in Nantucket


Location:  Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket

Activities & Events: Cruising on a Sailing Yacht, Mooring Ballin’, Paddle Boarding, Boating to Tuckerneck Island, Live Music @ The Chicken Box & Cisco Brewery, Epic Siestas, Biking @ Sanford Farm, Sunset @ The Galley

Food, Drinks, Nightlife : Martha’s Vineyard: Atlantic Chop House, Seafood Shanty

Nantucket: The Galley, The Grey Lady, The Chicken Box, Straight Wharf, Cru Cafe, Ventuno, Cisco Brewery, The Club Car, The Lobster Trap, The Tree Bar

Artist/Group of the Week: Galactic


Slang w/ a Twang:

Mooring Ballin’– doing hand signals when pulling up to a mooring ball on a boat

Camp Two– nickname for our sailing yacht because it feels like summer camp

Postin’ up– to stay a while

Lunartics- crazy people who come out at night, when the moon’s out

Crushed it– did a good job

Settee fancy name for a couch or seats on a boat

Sesh- session

Cray- (AKA cray cray) crazy

Lil’– little

Dank– tasty, delicious, good quality

ACK– Nantucket Airport code

The Grey Lady– Nickname for Nantucket because it can get so foggy here

The Rock– another nickname for Nantucket.

Bender Ender- Detox phase after several days in a row of drinking heavily (AKA a bender)

So this week was exciting because I finally got to go cruising on the sailboat I’ve been working on all summer.  We moved the boat “Two” AKA Camp Two, to The Rock, aka Nantucket, where we’ll be postin’ up for the next week or so. The crew consisted of Captain Rick, his friend Yves who is a yacht designer, and myself.  It would normally be about a 6-8 hour journey but we decided to break the trip up and stopped at Martha’s Vineyard for a night.  We didn’t stay long however because Obama is apparently staying there, and there were way too many democrats around. (J/K…kinda.)  We did go into town and have a nice evening with drinks and apps at the Atlantic Chop House, and the Seafood Shanty.  


 Monday we arrived in Nantucket, and I fulfilled my duty as the mooring ball hand signaler,  Which Captain Rick seemed to think was a job that’s easy enough for a diva like me.  It’s basically just a bunch of hand signals to let the captain know the direction and distance of the mooring ball which is kind of like an anchor that you attach to the boat so that it will stay in one place.

That night after getting some work done on the boat we took our friend Stanley out to dinner at The Galley for his birthday. The Galley is a fancier place that has a great outdoor atmosphere and literally has tables on the beach so its a beautiful view.  The food was delicious as well.  The cab ride home was pretty funny, our driver, who was an old salty looking man named Leo, was quite the character..  He taught me a new slang word- a lunartic, who he described as the crazy people who come out at night.  He said they normally hang out near the Chicken Box, which is the local music venue where I have spent a lot of time.


The next day we took Stanley’s Hinckley Picnic Boat out towards Tuckerneck Island where there are some cool spots to anchor your boat, there are sandbars and beaches all over that are fun to explore.  I hopped on a paddle board and cruised around for a while.  That night I got all geared up to go see Galactic at the Chicken Box with all of the other lunartics.  Before the show We stopped at The Grey Lady for some dinner.  The box was packed, completely sold out and for good reason, Galactic crushed it.  Definitely go see them if you get  chance, funky spectacularness at it’s finest!

Wednesday I worked for most of the afternoon, and then had one of the most epic siestas I’ve ever had, followed by a beautiful paddle board sesh during sunset.  I slept outside on the deck of the sailboat on the settee, and woke up feeling like a complete baller on a $5,000,000 sailboat in a beautiful place, with beautiful weather. Life doesn’t get much better than that.  HoLLa!

  The rest of the week passed by in a flurry of partying, and (mooring) ballin’ all over the island.  On Friday, my homie Dustin lent me his bike so I went for a nice lil’ cruise that evening.  Thanks Dustin!  Nantucket is a great place to rent/ride bikes because there are several different bike paths that are separate from the road that go on for miles and miles, you can really cover some ground and see a lot of cool things in one ride.  I ended up at this sweet spot called Sanford Farms where there are some dirt trails you can ride around.   That night we got cray at Straight Wharf and ended up back in Sconset at my friends house, partying in his hilarious garage and being oh so “America.”


Saturday started off a marathon of partying that can be slightly blamed on the sudden downpour that occurred during brunch, and resulted in me and a group of girls from NYC running for cover at the nearest bar.  We were really representing well,  two of us were still rocking the same outfits from the night before, and one was wearing pajamas at the bar, I knew these girls were my kinda girls.  We popped a bottle of champagne and waited for the rain to end.  Later that day, after we changed into normal appropriate attire, we went to the Cisco Brewery, which is definitely a place you have to check out on the weekends.  Usually there is a live band on Saturdays and Sundays and a really chilled out atmosphere with plenty of booze to sample and lots of people lounging around.  Later we grabbed some dinner at Ventuno which was really tasty, and had a few drinks at their patio bar in the back which is a fun place to kick it.  That night ended at The Chicken Box once again.

Only in America…

Sunday I met up with my friend Ned who I knew from Charleston at The Club Car.  Definitely go there, and order the lobster roll, its gigantic and dank! He finally received a text from his manager that he didn’t have to come into work that night, so he and his fellow colleagues immediately started drinking heavily, and I joined them.  We made our way to the Cisco Brewery once again, and then made it to The Galley for an epic sunset.  The Galley and Millie’s are two great places to watch the sunset.  Then we headed into town and hit up all of the usual spots, as well as one new one for me The Tree House. So that brings us to today, Monday… I think it’s safe to say that today is a bender ender, and I’m switching over to detox mode 🙂 Lawd!





Cape Cod, Newport

Hardly Working on a “Sale Boat”


Location:  Hyannis, Martha’s Vineyard, Newport

Activities & Events: Cape Cod: Working as deck/stew on a motor yacht. Newport: Biking, Rollerblading, Partying, Preparing for a week long + trip on the sailboat

Food, Drinks, Nightlife Pour Judgement, Midtown Oyster Bar, Clarke Cook HouseBoom Boom Room, 41 North

Music: Boombox

Slang w/ a Twang:

 wicked- cool

sale boat– sail boat that’s for sale

on the hook– sitting in the water at anchor, not at a dock or marina.

Camp 2– Our nickname for the sailboat “2” that we work on.  It’s more like summer camp than work.

baller- someone with a lot of $$

holla atcha girl– holler at your girl.  Get in touch with me, hit me up.

I’ve been all over the place this week and getting geared up to do it all over again.  I’ve been free lancing on the yacht that I used to work on full time.  They needed an extra hand this week for a trip and I was happy to resume my old position as deck stew and move on board for about a week.

It started off pretty hectic as it always is when you’re working on a yacht with guests on board…  We had great weather when we left Newport Harbor on Monday and made our way to Martha’s Vineyard where we were on the hook all night, which is a boating term meaning we were anchored out.  Then on Tuesday we headed over to Hyannis Port in Cape Cod for the next few days.  Thursday the trip was over and I made my way back to good ole’ Newport where I was super stoked to go to the post office and pick up my brand new Boomcase I’ve been waiting for. 


Hell yes. This thing beats so hard. Oh the places we will go…


Besides enjoying the beautiful weather and going biking and rollerblading down Ocean Drive, Captain Rick and I have been busy with provisioning and preparations for our upcoming trip on the Sailboat.  As I mentioned before, I’m currently working on a big sweet ass sailboat in Newport, that’s for sale and has been on the market for over 2 years now.  In order to sell the boat we need to get out there in front of the people with the $$ and make it look like a really fun boat to own, we’re “sellin’ the dream!” as Rick says.  So he  has decided we’re going to take the boat to Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard, where all the money is, and try to get some attention from the right people.  Basically we’re just going to party 🙂  I’ve been loading up the boat with lots of stuff we’re going to need for… marketing.


I mentioned in an earlier post that my set up here in Newport is so wicked that I feel like I’m at some kind of adult summer camp.  Rick and I have even dubbed the boat “Camp 2.”  Tomorrow morning we head out, Camp 2 is going campaigning… Champagne campaigning! And Baker’s going sailing for the first time!.  We’re going to stop in the Vineyard for the night, and then off to Nantucket where I’ll be hardly working on a sick ass “Sale Boat,”  (sail boat that’s for sale.)  If y’all know any ballers who are looking to buy a sick boat for $5,000,000.00 , holla atcha girl.~




Newport Rhode Island

Mega-Yachts, Sailing Yachts, Party Sitting, Fake Pool Parties


Location: Newport, Rhode Island  
Activities or Events: Working on a  sailboat, working on a yacht, partying, biking, wakeboarding, party sitting, fake pool party, late night biking,
Food, Drinks, Nightlife: Diego’s, The Smokehouse, 41 North, Midtown Oyster Bar, The Landing, Dockside, The Boom Boom Room, Fastnet Pub, Mission Burger, The Speakeasy
Champagne Campaign Spots: Mackerel’s Cove
Slang W/ a Twang:
  1. party sitting – fulfilling my job on the yacht of bringing the owner’s kids partying.
  2. poppin’– lively, lots of people there
  3. cuttin’ rugs dancing hard
  4. cappy captain

Weekly Break Down

After an action, party packed weekend my intentions of taking it easy were quickly diminished when a few friends I met last month came into town.  They were the stud muffins in the Air Force that I mentioned in my Rhode Trippin post, who despite having never met me before, agreed to let me park my 32 ft RV in their yard for an unspecified amount of time while I figured out my Newport parking situation.  We all met up at  Diego’s for margs and ended up at Pelham’s which was surprisingly happenin’ for a Monday night, with a one man cover band and a trunk full of hilarious costumes as the entertainment.

Tuesday I worked on the sailboat, and later on met up with my friend Seth who I had met the week before at a bar in the midst of a downpour.  I had mistakenly walked to the wrong bar to meet up with friends, and he was wearing a trashbag.  I figured a guy wearing a trashbag had no qualms about anything and sparked up a conversation with him and his friends.  He invited me to his “fake pool party,” that he was throwing the following weekend, and a friendship was born.  He invited friends from all over New England/ the North East to Newport for the weekend under the pretense that his brand new pool that was under construction would be complete and he would be throwing an epic pool party. They would all arrive to discover that the pool, was in reality just a kiddie pool, filled with alcohol.  Genius.  Don’t underestimate guys who wear trash bags.  So we grabbed a delicious burger from Mission Burger and we worked on improving my yankee accent.

Wednesday the yacht that I worked on for over a year arrived in Newport to get ready for a trip with the guests on board.  Due to privacy reasons I won’t mention the name of the boat, I’ll just call it “The Yacht.”  So I went back and worked on The Yacht a couple weeks prior and also hopped on board this past week to do the same.  They very conveniently parked at Bannister’s Wharf, which is  2 wharfs down from where my RV and sailboat are posted up. As soon as I got there I realized that an old friend Gregg who I met down in the Bahamas the year before was on the boat right next to them.  This kind of thing happens all of the time in yachting.   I helped them finish up with a wash down and then showed them around my hood, AKA we went bar hopping.  Once again we went to  Diego’s, and ended up at 4. The Landing, which is poppin’ on Wednesday nights.  They have live music outside, and a DJ inside on Wednesday nights.  Get there before 11 pm because there can be a long line to get in after that.

Thursday after doing some work on the sailboat I went for a nice looooong bike ride, 25 miles, longest I’ve ever ridden.  It was sweet! Once again I did the Ocean Drive route, then past all of the Belleview Mansions, and then down the hill past 1st Beach, and back up the hill. Epic and beautiful ride!  I did that a couple times, and took a few detours. Holla! Then, I hit the town once again with my yacht crew, and met up with my friend Seth to welcome his out of town friends who were beginning to arrive for his fake pool party.  

Friday morning Seth and his homies scooped me up on the dock and we went for a little boat ride and wakeboarding session at Mackerel Cove.  Wakeboarding is a great way to start the day! Mix in a little Champagne Campaigning and it’s even better. 

 Then I had to get geared up to get to work on The Yacht, guests arrived a few hours later, showtime!  As always it was great to be back on the old yacht, it was a super chill gig, and the family I worked for, AKA the owners, are really nice people.  They happen to have a few kids in college and as the crew of their yacht it’s our job to make sure they have a good time. As most of us know, all that  college kids need to have a good time is a fun place to party, and I’m happy to help provide that.  The parents like us to go out with the kids to make sure they make it home safe so we coined the term “party sitters,” because we pretty much babysit them while partying, not that they need it but it’s not a bad part of the job… Until 7:00 in the morning when we have to get up for work the next day, and we’ve been party sitting all night.  


Saturday I was definitely struggling a little bit, but I headed over to The Yacht and worked all morning. The night before I brought the owners son out, and we met up with Seth and his rambunctious friends, and we all ended up at the Boom Boom Room, cuttin rugs to some gangsta rap, and gettin’ sweaty.  We biked and skateboarded over to Seth’s afterward and played some late night paddle ball.  The owner’s son really hit it off with Seth and his friends, and so Saturday while the rest of the crew hung back on the boat, I set out with Taylor to go to the fake pool party, to party sit some more. It’s tough flip flopping from party sitting mode to work mode over and over, and it was starting to wear me down after I had to go back to the boat and work through dinner, but then I recieved spectacular news from the captain,  I didn’t need to come into work the next morning…  Hallelujiah!  Back to party mode! I caught my 6th wind of the day and headed over to Dockside to rage the sweet cover band, and after that promptly went home and slept for almost 12 hours straight.

So I came back to The Yacht Sunday night, and worked it out with the cappy that I would leave port with them in the morning and help them out for the rest of the trip, until Thursday.  We will leave early Monday am, anchor out for the night off of Martha’s Vineyard, and then post up in Cape Cod for a few nights. #yachtlife…. Holla!

Tips and Tricks

Bars close at one so you better get it in early!  A lot of the good places that I mentioned above have lines after 11 so figure out where you want to go, get there a little bit early, and stay there.  Parking and traffic can be a waste of time and money in the peak of the season.  Plan on ubering, or renting a place thats in walking distance to downtown newport.  Ubers and cabs can be hard to come by late at night however.

Packing Suggestions

It’s a little chilly at night so you may want to bring a jacket or scarf.  Girls you can either dress up or dress casual, anything goes.  Some places are fancier than others so it’s a good place to bring your heels. Guys dont dress like a scrub or you may not be let in some places 🙂 ~



Newport, Rhode Island

2015 Newport Jazz Festival

Location: Newport, Rhode Island

Activities or Events: Newport Jazz Festival, biking, paddle boarding, boating, wake boarding, partying, poppin’ bottles, rollerblading, shopping.
Food, Drinks, Party Spots: Diego’s, West Deck, Upper Deck, Clarke Cookhouse, The Landing, The Smokehouse, Blue’s Cafe, 41 North, Benjamin’s
Live Music: Bad Fish @ Blue’s Cafe, Snarky Puppy @ Jazz Fest
Champagne Campaign Spots: Newport Harbor, chillin’ on a boat in front of Jazz Fest
Slang W/ a Twang:
  1. Off the wagon– drinking or getting drunk, maybe after a period of sobriety
  2. Tender/ dingy– small boat that can cruise around easily in the water, usually belongs to a larger boat
  3. Festy– festival
  4. Yachtie– person who works in the yachting industry
  5. Aint’– southern/ ghetto way of saying “not.”

Weekly Break Down

Jazz Fest is a great excuse to effectively end a 10 day detox. I always like to balance out a nice long bender with a nice long cleanse.  Ever since leaving Charleston and moving up north there has been a lot of reasons to celebrate, and after several weeks of nonstop celebration, I took some time off to recuperate.  However, this week I hopped off the wagon again, and ended my detox on Thursday night. My friend Bryce was in town with his crew, they work on a different yacht and had their owner on board for what was intended to be a 10 day trip. However, they got an unexpected break for the night which typically in the yachting world is a good excuse to run to the nearest bar and proceed to start drinking heavily,  which is exactly what they did,  and I was happy to join them.  We also learned that the Sublime cover band Bad Fish was playing a show that night right in town at the Newport Blues Cafe so we spent the night jammin’ out to some tunes, and after  grabbed a drink at Pelhams, which is a good late night spot.    I fortunately had Friday off work, they however did not.  I tried not to rub it in too hard when we pulled up behind their boat and fueled up our tender to head to Jazz Fest the next day.  Sorry Guys!


 Friday started off well with a morning cruise through the harbor on our little inflatable dingy, or tender, then got a little bit of wake boarding in, and then got geared up to go to the festy. Getting around town by boat is by far the best way to get around not to mention when you live right in the harbor everything is just a quick ride away.  We pulled up straight into Fort Adams, where the festival was, without a problem.  Within a few minutes we were posted up in front of the stage as my favorite act of the whole festival was about to begin.  Snarky Puppy proceeded to absolutely crush the next hour and a half or so with some super funky jazzy spectacularness.  Combine awesome music with  beautiful weather, a sweet venue, and  cool homies, and it doesn’t get much better, Not to mention the night was still young!


After the music was over we hopped in the dingy and putted over to a nice lil’ yachtie party on a big schooner yacht that was anchored up in the Harbor called Arabella.  Free drinks, a raw bar, and an epic sunset with a full moon are not a bad way to spend the evening.  To end the night we headed over to what is becoming my favorite weekend spot, Dockside.  Dockside is sweet because there are several options for live music and DJ’s, and hordes of good looking young people all trying to get it in before the bars close at 1:00 am which everyone agrees is way too early.  They have live music Friday through Sunday.


 Saturday I had a nice rollerblading session through town and ended up at Ocean Drive, which is a sick route to take whether biking, running, driving, whatever.  It goes along the coast line along rocks and cliffs and winds around so that you can view the city, harbor, and Newport Bridge from lots of angles.  There’s also a cool park out there called Brenton Point State Park, where you can park your car, roam around, post up, throw a kite in the air, or just kick it. I worked up an appetitie for some Mexican food and Margaritas and eventually that night went to Diego’s and got their Upgraded Margarita, and their Crispy Pork Belly Tacos, which were everything I hoped they’d be and more.  I ended up going back to Diego’s two more times this past week, ha. That night also ended at Dockside,  in a heap of sweat, after screaming old rock n roll hits at the top of my lungs and gettin’ jiggy wit it’ to my new favorite cover band Never in Vegas. If you aint’ sweatin you aint’ doin it right!

Sunday, after a tasty breakfast at Benjamin’s chased down with a few mimosas, the Jazz Festivities continued.  I hopped in Rick’s friend Stanley’s sweet Hinckley Picnic Jet boat, and we anchored out behind the stage with a nice lil crew who were all in full blown party mode. When multiple tenders tie up to you with big bags full of alcohol, more importantly champagne, you know it’s gonna be a good day.  Several new members joined the Champagne Campaign on that lovely Sunday afternoon.  ~



Tips and Tricks

Bars close at one so you better get it in early!  A lot of the good places that I mentioned above have lines after 11 so figure out where you want to go, get there a little bit early, and stay there.  Parking and traffic can be a waste of time and money in the peak of the season.  Plan on ubering, or renting a place thats in walking distance to downtown newport.  Ubers and cabs can be hard to come by late at night however.

Packing Suggestions

It’s a little chilly at night so you may want to bring a jacket or scarf.  Girls you can either dress up or dress casual, anything goes.  Some places are fancier than others so it’s a good place to bring your heels. Guys dont dress like a scrub or you may not be let in some places 🙂 ~


Saint Michaels, Maryland



Slang w/ a Twang:

Paycation– Getting paid to work in a beautiful vacation destination.

This past week I took a little work holiday, or paycation, if you want to call it that.  As I mentioned in my About Me blog, I worked as a deckhand/ stewardess on a big ole’ yacht for a little over a year.  I took about a year long hiatus from the industry but now I’m back in it, and this past week I got to return to my old yacht and help them out with a trip because they needed an extra hand.  We ran the boat from Newport News,Virginia, up to Saint Michaels, Maryland, where we posted up for the weekend.  I used his opportunity to do a much needed 10 day detox!  Phew! I needed that…

It was great to be back on the boat.  I really love working in the yachting industry.  It’s something I would highly recommend to any Gypsy Diva.  So much so that I am going to start working on a guide to walk y’all through the process of getting hired.  Stay Tuned!


Nantucket, Massachusets

Chillin’ on The Rock


Slang w/ a twang:

The Rock- Nantucket

I’ve just spent the past couple of days campaigning on Nantucket Island.  I’ve been wanting to come here to visit some friends so I checked the local music venues website, The Chicken Box, and found a good show.  It’s pretty easy to get here from Newport, an hour and  half car ride to Hyannis, and then you can take one of the ferries over, which can be 1-2 hours long depending on if you book the fast ferry or the slow ferry, there are several ferries every day.

The first place I went after landing on “The Rock,” was Millie’s, which is a restaurant/ bar on the * side of the island, away from town.  There’s a little beach there and it’s a great place to watch the sunset and eat some dank food.  From there I “rode the Wave” into town.  The Wave is a little bus that stops all over the island, only a $2 two dolla holla.  I met up with my homie Toby and we began drinking heavily.  We hopped around a bit, got some food and drinks at Ventuno, and then hit up the Straight Wharf Bar, and the Gazebo, before heading to The Box.  All of those spots are worth checking out if you go to Nantucket.  Cherub was a raging disco funk electronic dance party so I was a happy girl.  Thanks Ryan for hooking it up with a ticket! The box even has the cutest little bottles of champagne you can order. 🙂

The following day was a great day for campaigning, and we hit up a lot of sweet bottle pop spots.  We stocked up on supplies at Joe’s and then cruised down “Lover’s Lane” to Nob’s (Nobadeer Beach.)  The beaches in Nantucket are sick, most of them you can drive your car straight onto the beach and post up wherever you want, ideal for us beach divas and all of our necessities.  We posted up right in front of the airport and throughout the day about a billion dollars worth of sick private jets flew over our head… So fly!


Eventually we decided to make moves and go to another epic sunset spot- Coskata. So we grabbed some fishing gear, and also hit up the Stop n’ Shop, so we could stop n ‘ pop some more champagne!  We got out there at the perfect time, and toasted to being fortunate, enough to enjoy such a beautiful place.  Holla!


Eventually we made our we back into town, and kicked it at the Straight Wharf til they closed down, pretty sweet dance party going on in there.  Then my friend Dustin asked if Toby and I wanted to go kick it on this sick boat that was nearby and we were like… Duh.  So we killed some time on this ballin’ boat, and then the sun came up.  We welcomed the sun, and then I decided I might need some sleep so I wasn’t so haggard during my ferry ride home… Tough chance ha.  So yeah, a  very successful campaign in Nantucket!



Newport, Rhode Island

Welcome to Camp 2



Slang w/ a twang

Brushin my shouldas offstoked, bragging about a good situation.

Post up spotplace to live, or stay for a while.

Re-dank-ulousreally good, or tasty


Rockin’wearing, representing

It’s becoming comical how sick my set up is here in Newport.  Ever since we arrived here a couple of weeks ago Rick and I have been really busy trying to make sure we have as many hook-ups and forms of entertainment as humanly possible.  Between the two of us we now have an RV,  a multi-million dollar sailboat, a 4-runner, 4 bikes, a paddle board, a wake board, a skateboard, roller blades, fishing gear, lobster traps, an inflatable boat, tennis rackets, and a stocked bar at our disposal.  We’re in the middle of town, over-looking Newport Harbor, and it really feels like I’m at some kind of epic adult summer camp.   The sailboat I’m working on is a new boat that’s currently for sale.  It’s hasn’t had an owner yet so it’s just called “2.”…Welcome to Camp 2!

Week 3 at Camp 2 is underway and things are really heating up.  I’m eagerly trying to earn as many merit badges as possible, and Counselor Rick is doing a great job helping me along the way. Here is what I’m rockin’ so far:

  • Paddle Boarding
  • Bicycling
  • RV driving
  • Party Throwing



Newport, Rhode Island

Postin’ up in New England for the summer


I’ve been brushin’my shouldas off a lot lately, because at the ripe ago of 28 I’ve already got waterfront property right in the middle of Newport, Rhode Island.  By waterfront property I mean my RV is parked on Perry Mills Wharf, and it’s going to stay here until the end of the season…Unless I do something stupid and get kicked out which isn’t out of the question.  Besides finagling this ridiculously sweet post up spot, my first week in Newport has been nothing short of epic.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • I celebrated my 28th b-day while cruising around on a Hinckley Picnic boat and watching some of the fastest sailboats in the world take off for the Transatlantic Race.
  • I’ve been kickin’ it and poppin’ bottles on multi-million dollar sailboats, and started working on one part time.
  • I helped my friends Rick and Matt throw a private party with some old rockstar legends at the Union Congregational Church, the first black church in America that has been turned into sweet apartments, and an even sweeter party spot.

I tried Clam chowder for the first time at Zeldas

  • , I tried Striped Bass for the first time at The Clarke Cookhouse  I had some New York Strip at 22 Bowens, (B22), all 3 were re-DANK-ulous and highly recommended.
  • We caught 3 lobstah’s the first day we put the traps out.
  • I went on some beautiful bike rides along *Fort something, *Ocean Drive, and cruised by all of the *Bellview Mansions.

So yeah… Newport is sick. Every day I wake up look out of my window, (AKA windshield,) and I’m surrounded by beautiful weather, water, boats, and plenty of hot guys 🙂  What more could a girl ask for!?  I definitely need to give a shout out to my friend Rick who helped hook me up with all of this spectacularness…Let’s party!~


Rhode Trippin’

Road Trip from Charleston —> Newport, Rhode Island

For the past week I’ve been *Rhode Trippin’* and Champagne Campaignin’ from Charleston, SC —-> Newport, Rhode Island. It’s been quite the adventure so far! I’ve been very pleased to learn that, despite my former misguided impression of yankeeville, “Northern Hospitality” DOES exist! 🙂 A lot of homies came together to help us southerners out on our way up to New England. Here’s a lil breakdown~

Charleston, SC

Richmond, VA

Cape May New Jersey

Boston, Massachusets

Kingston, Rhode Island

**Collage of Pics, + Video

Wednesday 6.24.15 Charleston, SC

Wednesday I brought the RV home from Best Pre-Owned RV, which is the dealership where I bought it. It’s called a Fleetwood Fiesta, so I’ll just refer to it as The Fiesta. Josh, and his crew were extremely helpful, and really hooked me up. If you’re looking into buying a used RV hit these guys up, they ship all over the US. So I had just one day to stock up the Fiesta w/ all of my sheeit, and divas don’t pack light. I was going at it non-stop, but somehow managed to get everything on there in a somewhat organized manner.

Road Trip from Charleston —> Newport, Rhode Island

Thursday 6.25.15

Richmond, VA


My girl Hanna and I hop in the RV, with my little brother Michael following us in my 4 runner, we truck it up to Richmond and make it just in time to see some music. We arrive in Richmond and meet up with my friend Dave at his friend Alton’s house, who let us post up in his driveway for the night, thanks so much guys! We also picked up another homie, Sam, who joined us for the rest of the trip. As soon as we got there, we all booked it to The Broadberry for some sweet funk music from Yo Mamas Big Fat Booty Band. Nothing like cuttin’ rugs to help you unwind after driving an RV for the first time ever, for 7 hours straight, and through a huge storm! Lawd’ have mercy!

Friday 6.26.15

Cape May, New Jersey


We woke up a lil’ haggard from the night before, and realized that our intention of driving all of the way up to Providence, Rhode Island that day was a little bit too ambitious. Fortunately we got in touch with my homie Chris who lives in New Jersey and decided to go there instead. After lots of traffic, and going some pretty hilarious backwoods routes from the google map app, we arrived just in time to go for a lil sunset boat cruise, and pop some bottles! We cruised up to restaraunt and ate some dank food by the water. I tried philly cheese steak spring rolls for the first time, yummmmm. That night we explored the Cape, and went to for some dranks. Although we all left in the morning, my debit card remains at some bar in the Cape, way to go Baker.

Saturday 6.27.15

Boston, Massachussets

We were once again racing the clock in a rush to get there so we could go on a big boat called The Province Town II where  a DJ called Laid Back Luke and some other homies were playing music while the boat cruised around the Boston Harbor. It sounded sick,and we didn’t want to miss out. The stars were aligned for us, and somehow we managed to pull it off although we had many obstacles to overcome. We pulled into town right at 6:30, the boat was leaving at 7. We parked the RV literally on the side of the street in 4 metered parking spots. They don’t check meters after 8, or on Sundays so it worked out perfectly. The event was sold out but we scrambled to get ready, crossing our fingers that we would find a way on the boat anyway. A random guy on the side of the street gave us a ride to the boat when we realized our Uber driver had just driven away without us. We pull up to the boat at 6:59, they stopped letting people on at 7. The guy at the ticket table let us in for free cause we didn’t have ($60) tickets, and just like that we were fully immersed in a huge boat full of hilarious Bostonian’s, fist pumping and two stepping, cruising through the harbor. After the boat we went to Prime and partied the rest of the night.

Sunday 6.28.15 Boston Massachusets


I woke up feeling like I needed some exercise, and a shower (the RV was really low on water,) so I used the Yelp App to find a fitness center that was nearby. I use Yelp all of the time to find nearby businesses, just go to the search bar and type in something like “fitness centers,” or “pharmacy,” and a list pops up that includes their distance to your current location, and lots of other details. I went to Health Works Fitness Center which is an all women’s fitness center that was really nice and state of the art. I emailed them ahead of time so I got a free pass.

Later that day we hopped in the car with our friend Melissa and did some exploring. First we got some dank pizza at Brewers Fork. Then we went up to the Top of the Hub which is a sweet bar at the top of a high rise where you can get 360 degree views of the city. We popped some bottles and kicked it with our friend Carly who was working there.

 Later that night we met up with my friend Phil at Tom English’s Cottage, a wicked boston bahh. I had to get up at 6 am the next morning to move the RV out of the metered spots so that we didn’t get towed or ticketed, so I moved about 2 miles down the street to a big Target parking lot, and went back to sleep.


Monday / Tuesday 6.29.15 6.30.15 Kingston, Rhode Island

All of my Charleston homies head back to SC on a plane and I’m on my own with the RV. I make it to Providence and have dinner with my friend Phil, and then continue on to Kingston to post up in the RV for a few nights in the front yard of a bunch of strangers. The day before we met Stan at a bar, and when he heard us trying to figure out what to do with The RV in Rhode Island he texted his friend Stevo, who agreed to let me stay in his yard for a few days. Stan seemed nice enough so I went for it, and was very pleased to find that the strangers were a bunch of stud muffins in the airforce. That worked out well, thanks Stan 🙂

Wednesday 7.1.15

Newport Rhode Island



Mission Accomplished! I make it to Newport, and I have an awesome birthday. Captain Rick and I are unstoppable, we manage to get permission from the owner of the Perry Mills Wharf to let us park the RV there, all summer, for free.99! We find another sick house to leave it for a few days before we relocate to the wharf. Then we hop on a sick Hinckley Picnic boat and jet out to the harbor to watch the beginning of the Transatlantic Race from Newport to Plymouth, England. Among other sailboats out there were Comanche, Rambler, and Nomad some of the fastest sailboats in the world. Then we head over to another sick sailboat for a nice dinner with friends and do some bar hopping. My first day in newport is an epic success. HoLLa Atcha Girl!



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