The *OG* Champagne Campaign 2011-2015

The Champagne Campaign is a photo documentary of many of the destinations I’ve been around the world. I’m on a never ending campaign to celebrate life, in as many places as possible, with as many people as possible. Find the beauty in the world, surround yourself with it, and pop a bottle!

Baker’s Bay, Bahamas 

March, 2014

It Never Gets Old!!

One of my favorite Champagne Campaign flicks to date.  This was an epic day gettin cray cray in  MY bay!(It’s literally called Baker’s Bay.)  I Got the VIP treatment thanks to Grant and Mark, and spent the whole day exploring the abundant spectacularness of Baker’s Bay. Sickest golf course/ development in the Bahamas… Golf carts, music, candy shacks, complimentary bars all over the place, and about 4,985 Sick places to post up and drink champagne, we couldn’t resist doing like 20 multi-man panoramic shots 🙂 I‘m really glad Mark Ferguson didn’t die while trying to get a pic while standing on the railing… close call! If you had actually fallen, who would have pushed the golf cart home when it ran out of gas!? Haha… And then to top it off, a ridiculous dance party for Barefoot Man… You wanna Guana!?! A couple of golf carts went missing but they were recovered…I lost my wallet and it was promptly returned to me… Definitely crushed it!

Tahoe City, California

October, 2012


The *official* kickoff of the Champagne Campaign! What better way to roll out the new campaign than w/a “Tight and Bright Bike Pub Crawl” Thrown by Ryan Rambo! — at Lake Tahoe.

Skylandia Beach, California

June 2012


WonderfuL day @ the beach to kick off summer in Tahoe. Bass Heavy DJ’s jamming out in the sand all day! Also Ethan Aa.’s B-day! “This is the best day of my life!”

Copacabana Beach- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

April 2012


We arrived in Brazil with one mission to accomplish the 1st day- pop a bottle on the beach and watch the sunset! We literally had to run to the beach to make it in time.  Mission Accomplished! — at Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Yosemite National Park, California

October 2012


After living in Tahoe for a year, Gabe and I decided to go on a lil’ road trip since we were both about to move away.  We cruised around northern Cali for a few days, there’s so much to see!  Here’s a sick view of the Half Dome from Glacier Point. — with Gabe Sandersius at Yosemite National Park.

Big Sur, California

October 2012


Chilled out at Sand Dollar Beach all day in Big Sur. Besides going swimming in water that was infested with little tiny baby jelly fish! (They didn’t sting) We enjoyed a beautiful day @ the beach followed by an unreal sunset at our campground Kirk Creek which was right along the coast (Highly recommended camp spot!!) — with Jeff Keleher, Katja Riise and Gabe Sandersius at Big Sur.

Lake Tahoe, California

July 2012


Floatin’ on a boat in the middle of Lake Tahoe! — with Ethan Aa.

Breckenridge, Colorado

July 2011


Speed Balla Holla!!! My softball team “The Speedballers” in Breck that ended up winning the Championship 2 years in a row. No game was complete w/out that Andre –all day!! — with Jeff Keleher, Jason White, Jesse Myers, Hannah Soper, Tracy Michelle, Katja Riise, Chris Veliko and Colby Ransom in Breckenridge, CO.

Aspen, Colorado

August 2011


Explored the ice caves and jumped into the icy cold punch bowl w/Remi Bayer and Jenna June. — at Aspen.

Greenville, South Carolina

November 2012


Morning after! Lawdy lawdy! — in Downtown Greenville.

Litchfield Beach, South Carolina

November, 2012


A night out in Litchfield to celebrate Marie V. Wolfe’s 26th b-day! Dank dinner @ Frank’s and then long night @ The Islander, where they played head bangin’ music all night 🙂 — with Abby Lockhart, Genevieve LaBelle Cushing, Katie Davis and Virginia Shropshire in Litchfield Beach.

New Orleans, Louisiana/October 2012

November, 2012


When I left Tahoe I had to driva all the way from California to South Carolina…. Lawd!  However to break up the trip (after driving for three days straight,)  I made a lil’ stop in NOLA to kick it for the weekend.  This was @ the Seafood Fest, live music and delicious seafood all day!

Pyramid lakes, Nevada

August 2012


Symbiosis gathering
Good people and good vibes @Symbiosis! Huge collaboration of music, art, and spectacularness and a solar eclipse to top it all off! — with Emily Esson.

Eliot Key Sandbar, Florida 

February  2013


Cruisin’ around Miami on Ry’s birthday! A lil drinkin’ and a lil fishin’ Cause it’s always summer in Florida! — with Ryland Dickey.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 

February 25, 2013


We had a nice lil night-time champagne session on the beach to celebrate my 1st official yacht job! I got to round up (almost) all of my favorite people in Ft. Lawdy to help me celebrate. Next stop on the campaign- The Bahamas 🙂 — with Darek Dziamalek, Hunter Jones, Raquel Glogli Jones, Sarah Foxfurr, Paul Triporo, Chris Afflerbach, Beaumont Chanon and Rhea Light.

South Beach (Miami), Florida Sept. 2012

February 19, 2013


Catherine’s bachelorette party!
Long weekend in South Beach @ a sick house with all of my homegirls from ThE CaCk!! We managed to kill 18 bottles of champagne within the first 6 hours of arrival…between 8 of us! That was before the sun went down, so I’m sure you can imagine our state in the early morning when the sun came up… “Someone forgot to tell these girls the party’s over!” haha

Buenos Aires, Argentina

September 2011


Masa Critica
Every last Sunday of the month the biking community gets together for an event called ‘Masa Critica.’ Hundreds of bikers meet right here at the ‘Obelisco’ which is in ‘El Centro’ and we take over the streets for a long bike ride! Don’t bother honking your horn cause there’s no way you’re getting around this huge roll crew… My whole Thames/Guemes Argentina crew was there.  We had a huge international disco themed party the night before, so we decided to keep it going.  I’ll never forget the look of that red afro wig when Korrine road her bike straight into the back of a car….— with Alexander Hazen, Arnoud Blaakmeer, Jessica Schumacher, Charles d’Harambure, Valentine Circé and Laura Brenner at Remainders End.

Tulum, Mexico @ Mayan Ruins

December 21, 2012


This was taken at the Ancient Mayan Ruins. On this day, according to the Mayans: ” A New Age interpretation held that the date marked the start of a period during which Earth and its inhabitants would undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and that 21 December 2012 would mark the beginning of a new era.” (Wikipedia) What better place to be to welcome the new universe than right at the heart of the Mayan Ruins? I’m glad I got front row seats! 🙂 — at MAYAN HOLIDAZE :: TULUM.

Baton Rouge, Lousiana

November 2012


What better way to get re-aquainted with the south than a Carolina Football game!? I made a lil’ pit stop in Louisiana during the long drive from California to South Carolina and met up with the June Family to see the Gamecocks play LSU. They are such diehard Carolina fans that even when half of them missed their flights (drinking in the airport bar) They drove 5 hours in the back of an empty cigarette truck with a cooler full of beer and a bunch of bean bags! The gamecocks lost, but we were all winning all weekend long on Bourban St….Well, not including @ the casino… — with Kara June, Hanna June, Jenna June and Emily Brewer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Columbia, SC 

December 26th 2012


Columbia, SC, December 26th 2012
We had a solid crew come out and party with us the day after Christmas to celebrate the life of my wonderful Grandad Albert Patterson (Papa) who had just passed away on Christmas day! :(We <3 and miss you every day Papa!! — in Columbia, South Carolina.

Charleston, South Carolina

Dec. 31st, 2012


This was the last sunset of 2012! What a great year and a great way to end it! Besides it being my last day of the year it was also my last day in Charleston before I relocated down to Florida on a mission to get a job on a yacht. Its always nice to cap things off with a beautiful sunset! 🙂 — in Charleston, South Carolina

Orlando, Florida 

Jan 2013


Taken @ Epcot – Walt Disney World, “drinkin around the world” and getting educated at Epcot w/Geoffrey Kronn enjoying the Florida sunshine! The champagne obviously came from France… — with Geoffrey Kronn at Epcot – Walt Disney World.

Harbour Island, Bahamas

March 2013


Enjoying some downtime @ Romora Bay Marina w/ my homie Derek The first poppage since I landed my first gig on a yacht! — with Kinson Beauchamp in Harbour Island, Bahamas.

Atlantis Resort, Nassau- Bahamas 

April 18, 2013


Enjoying all of the amenities of Atlantis Resort on my last day in the Bahamas w/my homie Paul who I met in Ft. Lauderdale because he and I were both searching for yacht jobs at the same time. Welp, looks like we both succeeded and are now enjoying the bubbles of our success. From FLL–>Harbour Island–> Atlantis we brushin our shouldas off! — with Paul Triporo at Atlantis Resort

Stiltsville, Florida Feburary 2013

Feburary 2013


Past the most southern tip of Miami there is indeed a neighborhood of homes literally in the middle of the water, all sitting on top of stilts… Storms and hurricanes have destroyed a lot of them but not all! After taking Alex Smith’s Whaler all the way from Lauderdale to Miami, we figured we may as well make a campaign stop in this crazy hood… — at Stiltsville.

Kings Beach, California 

September 2013


This picture was taken during an epic wedding in Lake Tahoe. The reception was at a park that happened to be right next door to the field that the groom and his baseball team the Tahoe Twins had just won the championship on the week before. After everyone was finished jamming out to Dead Winter Carpenters we headed to the field for a group pic. 🙂 — with Gabe Sandersius in Kings Beach, California.

Annapolis, Maryland

June 2013


Venturing off of the boat for a couple of hours with our stewardess Alina, during one of our first trips of the summer.

Hilton Virginia Beach.

August 10, 2013


Enjoying an eventful weekend in VA Beach w/Alina Briciu. Still foggy from the night before but getting our minds right for the boardwalk/bike/rollerblade bar crawl that followed. Not a bad view… — with Alina Briciu at Sky Bar at Hilton Virginia Beach.

Santorini, Greece 

May 2009


Beautiful view of the Greek Islands from this cafe on top of a steep hill that we literally rode donkey’s up. Enjoying a nice lunch after walking on an old volcano and swimming through hot springs out in the Mediterranian.

Richmond, Virginia 

August 10, 2013


Sunday Funday in Richmond 🙂 Beautiful day in VA. We went to a park overlooking the city after getting down to some brunch music at the Camel. — with Howard Bullock in Richmond, Virginia.

Poquoson, Virginia 

June 2013


This was the last bottle of champagne I drank in my 25th year of life!! So you better believe it was the GoOd stuff in my new shooting star champagne flukes courtesy of Alan Meetze  🙂
Cheers to another amazing year and hopefully many more to come! — with Alan Meetze.

Norfolk, VA September 2013

November, 2013


Taking the ferry over to Norfolk from Portsmouth which was our “hood” for a few weeks over the summer due to the fact that our boat got struck by lightning and we had to get so much work done in the yard there. Poppin’ bottles of bubbly can always improve any situation :)— with Brandon Che’ LeBel in Norfolk, Virginia.

South of the Border (SC/NC)

October 2013


Couldn’t resist the urge to stop at South of the Border and do a lil’ campaigning on the way back to VA from Charleston. Great way to end a great weekend- the wedding of Katie Tinsley and Blake Tinsley! Cheers to you two!

Nantucket, Massachussetts  

September 2013


A little behind schedule but we finally made it up to New England and hopped around at the end of the season. — in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Blacksburg, Virgina 

October 2013


Attended my first ever VA tech game and def got hooked up 🙂 Go Hokies! — with Chuck Worley, Alan Meetze, Alina Briciu and Laura Stook in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel 

September 2013


Awesome boating adventure w/Alan Meetze… Boated from Poquoson/Hampton–> VA Beach for one of the last boat outings of the summer … Of course stopped for a lil toast on the way 🙂 — at Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

Williamsburg, Virginia 

November 2013


Did a lil’ biking w/my new set of wheels, then explored Colonial Williamsburg. Apparently they aren’t too keen on public bottle poppin’… got thrown in the stocks! — with Alan Meetze in Williamsburg, Virginia.

York River, Virginia

September 2013


My brother Chappelle came to visit! Always a great reason to celebrate 🙂 And chillin’ in a boat in the middle of the York River w/a bottle of champagne is always a good way! — with Chap Manning at Duck Blind Sand Bar.

Roanoke, Virginia

November 2013


D-gen day in Roanoke… We couldn’t find our way up the hill, we tried to get in the wrong truck, we couldn’t put on our bike helmets, we rode around in circles looking for the trail head which we quickly gave up riding because it was too steep, both of our bike chains fell off of our bikes, and lets just say Alan is an expert curb hopper! (NOT!) Hahahaha…. And we hadn’t even opened the champagne yet… — with Alan Meetze in Roanoke, Virginia.

Staunton, Virginia

November 2013


Made a lil pit stop on the way to Roanoke. — in Staunton, Virginia.

Salem, Virginia 

November 2013


Pre-gaming for the Florida Georgia Line concert! (My new favorite country band) Last full weekend to party in Virginia before we moved the boat down to Florida.. Not a bad way to spend it! — at Downtown Salem, Salem, Virginia.

Elbow Cay- Abaco Inn, Bahamas 

January 2014


Ridin’ around Hopetown in a golf cart, blasting music and drinking champagne. Killin it with Ms. Alina 🙂 We kicked it at the caves, and of course met Slick Rick! Ha such a fun day… — at Abaco Inn.

Hole in the Wall, Bahamas 

February 12, 2014


My first time fishin for the big guys! hour long + boat ride out to Hole in the Wall. We got some big un’s on the line but alls’ I got were some barracuda :/ Stopped at Pete’s Pub on the way home — with Justin Seth Riley

Guana Cay, Nippers 

February 12 2014


This is where you would find me just about every sunday for like, three months. Errbody came to this spot and kicked it. Chillin’ with the Boat Harbor peeps once again. — at Nippers in Guana Cay.

Treasure Cay, Bahamas

January 2014


The Abaco tri-fecta! Alan and I covered some ground… or water this weekend. Friday night in Hopetown, Saturday in Treasure Cay, and Sunday in Marsh Harbour. Woop woop! Boat rides, bars, golf carts, music, and dranks… Glad we figured out how to get those golfcart lights on… Also it was a duplex not a single, oops… haha

Little Harbour, Bahamas

January 2014


“Where the elite eat in their barefeet” Pete’s Pub:)
Another spot we boated to frequently. Thanks to the “It’s Official” guys for donating the bottle. — with Carly Naesgaard

Old Bahama Bay, Bahamas

January 2014


This is where Alina and I celebrated New Years.. on the 3rd of January… Had to wait til’ we were done workin’ and could let loose. Tried to run up to the hammock while the timer was on, I was a lil too enthusiatic jumping on the hammock and we flipped over right as the pic was taken… haha, def a winner. smile emoticon — with Alina Briciu.

The Sea of Abaco, Bahamas

February 2014


Wakeboarding to Guana Cay on a Sunday…sick wakeboarding sesh on the water followed by Sunday shenanigans at Nippers and Grabbers with all the Boat Harbor homies! — at The Sea Of Abaco.

Mayan Riviera, Mexico 

December 2013


Holidaze…sickest vacay ever last time I saw STS9 with Murph!! Such an epic show. — with Nathan Mcrae, Geoffrey Kronn, R.c. Wilson, Abbey Weiler, Sarah Foxfurr and Andy McInerney.

Marsh Harbour, Bahamas

February 2014


Marsh Harbour, Bahamas
Typical post work afternoon in da islandz… Champagne and paddle ball …and a shadow high five! Miss you guys!!!! — with Christiaan Olivier, Chad Smith, Melissa Howlett and Carly Naesgaard.

Shell Island, Bahamas

March 2014


Epic Weekend, day 2 of the champagne campaign… 6 of my favorite Ba-homie-ans and I rowed that big boat thing (whats it called again?) across Baker’s (my) Bay to Shell Island… Literally the sickest shells everywhere! We came prepared with paddle ball and music 🙂 God way to pass the day… Mark and Drew were so stoked they were doing back flips ~ Top it off with a 5 hour long dance party at Nippers/ Grabbers… I like my bay… Lio PuSh Gedeon, — with Andrew Charles and Mark Ferguson.

*Baker’s Bay* Bahamas

March 2014


My Bay!!! Got the VIP treatment thanks to Grant and Mark, and spent the whole day exploring the abundant spectacularness of Baker’s Bay. Sickest golf course/ development in the Bahamas… Golf Carts, Music, Candy Shacks, Complimentary Bars, and about 4985 Sick places to post up and drink champagne.

Lubbers Landing, Bahamas

March 2014


“Well.. you missed the concert but you caught the rainbow :)” We rolled up a lil’ bit too late, music had just ended which was a bummer, but then this epic rainbow started to form so my spirits were raised immensely! Definitely the sickest rainbow I’ve ever seen. Those things never get old. Such a fun day w/ my Ali Al 🙂 Cruisin’ around, island hoppin’, bar hoppin’, conchin’, and staying at Marlee Mason’s beautiful place on Lubbers…I wanna go back! — with Ali Al.

Breckenridge, Colorado 4-21-14

April 2014


1st time back on a board in over two years! Breck was suppose to close down the week before but I guess they decided to keep it open so I could ride… (ha sike) Stoked to get back on the hill~ Jess hooked it up with a medallion and Hilary and Jenna hooked it up w/gear 🙂 <3!!!  I did NOT thing that morning when I woke up that I would get to go ride, best surprise ever. — with Hilary Warner and Jenna June.

Nassau, Bahamas 

April 2014


Last day in the Bahamas after a 3 month run! Such a blast.  Roaming around with Ms. Hana and exploring lovely Nassau after a loooooong month of werk werk werk! Hope you’re holdin’ it down w/the yacht life girl~ 🙂 — with Hana Jung.

Isle of Palms, South Carolina 

May 2014


Mother’s 🙂 Celebrating with a huge feast provided by Mar-tay-tay and Alex. Perfect Beach day, and not to mention spectacular night before celebrating Mary Hunter Chamberlain Englund and Billy Englund Jr’s wedding!! Also, first weekend back in Charleston officially after being gone for over a year! Woop woop!!

Boat Harbour, Bahamas

March 2014


Champagne Campaigning on a yacht in the Bahamas with a bottle of Dom… Yep, we def brushed our shouldas off a couple times.   From Bahamas—> Charleston, always good to chill w/yall! — with Alina Briciu and Marty Rosin.

Denver Colorado 

April 20th 2014


The Cannabis Cup! Hilarious to go to an event like this… I literally served free dabs to probably about 500 people throughout the weekend.  Holdin it down w/ the Verso crew, killin’ it 🙂 “Which flava would you like to sava!?”

Golden, Colorado 

April 2014


Spent the weekend at this sick ranch right outside of Denver. Only person missing in this picture is Andy!! Our hilarious Chinese friend whose first weekend in America EVER was attending the Cannabis Cup and then hanging out with us… Haha, he loved it…

Middleton Plantation, Charleston SC 

June  2014


Spoleto Finale. Beautiful old plantation property w/ epic garden, animals, music, and fireworks.. not a bad combo! — with Ryan King, Chelsea Elizabeth, Murat Berk Atilla and Bryan LaFrancis.

Asheville, North Carolina 

October 2014


Celebrating my favorite HoLLaDay in Asheville, recovering from an Epic Beats Antique concert from the night before. I had just adorned my bird costume but I very quickly learned I could fly when I fell off the precipice in the back yard. Abby and I managed to get lost during the 2 block walk home, and by the time we left it was blizzarding outside. We still crushed it~ — with Kassie Moore, Mackenzie Cope, Abby Lockhart and Surge Moghaddassi in Asheville, North Carolina.

West Ashley, South Carolina 

October 2014


Best Zumba students ever! I was rockin the perma-grin for an hour straight while watching these guys bust out some serious dance moves. If these guys can do Zumba… anyone can. — at Arts For Fitness.

Black Rock City, Burning Man! 

September 2014


This was the last sunrise at Burning Man 2015! With all of the cuddle puddles, street tea,plur-ades, finger kisses, hand hugs, weddings w/pancake rings, lazer gun art car hold-ups, lost flip flops, conversations in “bug languge,” and party voice, ninjas, broken generators, waking up in strange places,and bicycle collisions, its amazing that we weren’t “too turnt for the burnt.” Sometime bad dudes …do.. Good!? Things…” And our two tickets to plur-dise were def worth every penny. — with Lane Huntley, Logan Marks, Cesar Ramirez, Jason Schabes and Marisa Joan at Burning Man at Black Rock City.

Costa Maya, Mexico. 

January 2015


Had a nice afternoon ballin’ out on beach beds in Mexico, getting margaritas delivered to us, as well as massages in the sunshine. — with Cassy See, Harris Schmerling and Chris White at Costa Maya, Mexico Beach.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

August 2014


Cruisin’ around Hilton Head, celebrating my new Zumba certification! Falling in bushes with bicycles, lots of live music, and lots of volleyball 🙂 — with Alan Meetze in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Wolf Island, South Carolina 

November 2014


Epic boat/camping trip to Wolf Island. Late night boat rides, loud music, adventures through the woods, climbing trees, all things that are good smile emoticon — with Bratton Martin and Alexander Griffin.

Shem Creek, Charleston, South Carolina 

September 2014


The day we learned the art of how to make a bouquet out of a bag of chips 🙂 — with Harry Waddell Gilmore IV and Logan Marie.

Fort Sumter, South Carolina

September  2014


Boatin’ by old forts, national monuments, battle sites and ships… Typical Charleston. — with Logan Marie.

Costa Maya, Mexico 

January 2015


Gettin’ hooked up by our cab driver Dennis, jumping off  of floating bars, and poppin’ bottles … Not a bad break from Jam Cruise~ — with Chris White and Harris Schmerling.

Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica

January 2015

Walkin’ through the streets tippin back Coco-Locos, lookin’ for purrrty places to drink champagne is a great way to spend the day.~

Uvita, Costa Rica

February 2015

After Envision the party goes on.  I had a blast with these Canadians turnin’ it up in a sweet mansion way up on top of  a huge hill with epic views of the ocean and Costa Rica.

San Jose, Costa Rica

March 2015


My amigo Adrian Bonilla! A great homie to meet and party w/ in Costa Rica, showing me some hospitality on my last night in town before flying out to Peru. This was the last sunset I saw in Costa after spending over a month there. Til’ next year!

Punta Mona, Costa Rica 

January 2015


Sweet group shot of all of us on the Pre-Envision Tour, taken as we were about to depart Punta Mona, where we kicked it for 3 spectacular days. This was part of the Pre-Envision Festival Adventure Tour. Punta Mona is an epic permaculture education center deep in the rainforest on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. It’s one of the most biodiverse places on earth.

Montezuma, Costa Rica 

March 2015


Here is yet another epic waterfall in Costa Rica. After snorkeling and exploring Isla de Tortugas, I went back to Montezuma, checked out the nightlife, and the next day kicked it in town and explored some more.   Thanks Om Jonny for showing me around!~

Isla de Tortugas, Costa Rica 

March 2015


This was a sweet lil day excursion we took from Santa Teresa/ Montezuma. A big crew hopped on board a boat and we took a 45 minute or so boat ride to a bunch of sweet snorkeling spots. Then we posted up on this island and they fed us some dank food and let us chill for a while and enjoy scenery. Def recommend this tour if you visit this part of Costa!

Pataconcha, Peru 

April 2015


This pop was a little bit anti-climatic and I blame it on the altitude. It’s easy to blame all of your shortcomings on the altitude when you’re that high up, so Logan Chap and I got into a habit of using that as our excuse. Our shortness of breath, our inability to keep up with our belongings, our failure to recall basic words, it must be the altitude… Well we had envisioned that it would be hilarious to stand in the middle of a bunch of lamas and alpacas, and watch them scatter everywhere when we popped the bottle… ‘Alpacattack!” However, the pop came out as a barely audible “ding” noise, and the Alpaca’s were NOT phased. This turned out to be a double flop because the champagne was way too sweet to drink… Musta’ been the altitude.

Envision Festival, Costa Rica 

February 2015


This day, Jason Bremner, Brendan Patrick Vern McTavish, and I over came some serious obstacles one after another. It was the day after Envision Festival ended, a 4 day festival in a tropical rainforest that was incredibly hot and exhausting… Too hot to break down our camp, so we went to the waterfall and slept on some rocks in the shade for a while. Then after a series of tracking down friends on the internet, roaming around looking for hostels, hitchhiking, meeting another person named Baker, recovering a stolen passport, finding our way to a house with no address, and a crazy cab driver who spoke no English… We made it to our destination! (A sick mansion filled with awesome Canadians) Lawd’ have mercy, Hallelujiah… What a day…

Ullr Fest, Breckenridge, Colorado 

January 2011

Ullr the almighty god of snow.  In a place like Breck he is definitely revered above the rest with an entire week long celebration called Ullr Fest, capped off with a hilarious parade.  This was one of the few times I ever busted out my blades in the winter time in Colorado, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be pulled through the parade with a rope on the back of our friends float.

Uvita Waterfall, Costa Rica 

February 2015


This waterfall SAVED MY LIFE during Envision!  It’s gets REALLY HOT during the day but this waterfall is refreshingly cold, and the area is shady and a great canopy for the tropical heat.  Also, a great place to kick back and pop some bottles!  I’m not NOT jumping off of a waterfall with a bottle of champagne in tow…

These are all of the Champagne Campaign’s from years past up until spring of 2015.  The “OG” Campaigns…  As you may have noticed this is a pretty informal type of blog post.  To view the more recent 2.0 versions, check out:

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