Rhode Trippin’ from Charleston, SC —> Rhode Island Recap

Charleston, SC

Richmond, VA

Cape May New Jersey

Boston, Massachusets

Kingston, Rhode Island


Newport Rhode Island, My New Summer Post Up Spot!

For the past week I’ve been *Rhode Trippin’* and Champagne Campaignin’ from Charleston, SC —-> Newport, Rhode Island. It’s been quite the adventure so far! I’ve been very pleased to learn that, despite my former misguided impression of yankeeville, “Northern Hospitality” DOES exist! 🙂 A lot of homies came together to help us southerners out on our way up to New England. Here’s a lil breakdown~

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Wednesday 6.24.15 Charleston, SC

Wednesday I brought the RV home from Best Pre-Owned RV, which is the dealership where I bought it. It’s called a Fleetwood Fiesta, so I’ll just refer to it as The Fiesta. Josh, and his crew were extremely helpful, and really hooked me up. If you’re looking into buying a used RV hit these guys up, they ship all over the US. So I had just one day to stock up the Fiesta w/ all of my sheeit, and divas don’t pack lightly. I was going at it non-stop, but somehow managed to get everything on there in a somewhat organized manner.

Thursday 6.25.15 Richmond, VA


My girl Hanna and I hop in the RV, with my little brother Michael following us in my 4 runner, we truck it up to Richmond and make it just in time to see some music. We arrive in Richmond and meet up with my friend Dave at his friend Alton’s house, who let us post up in his driveway for the night, thanks so much guys! We also picked up another homie, Sam, who joined us for the rest of the trip. As soon as we got there, we all booked it to The Broadberry for some sweet funk music from Yo Mamas Big Fat Booty Band. Nothing like cuttin’ rugs to help you unwind after driving an RV for the first time ever, for 7 hours straight, and through a huge storm! Lawd’ have mercy!

Friday 6.26.15 Cape May, New Jersey


We woke up a lil’ haggard from the night before, and realized that our intention of driving all of the way up to Providence, Rhode Island that day was a little bit too ambitious. Fortunately we got in touch with my homie Chris who lives in New Jersey and decided to go there instead. After lots of traffic, and going some pretty hilarious backwoods routes from the google map app, we arrived just in time to go for a lil’ sunset boat cruise, and pop some bottles! We cruised up to restaraunt and ate some dank food by the water. I tried philly cheese steak spring rolls for the first time, yummmmm. That night we explored the Cape, and went to for some dranks. Although we all left in the morning, my debit card remains at some bar in the Cape, way to go Baker.
Saturday 6.27.15 Boston, Massachussets

We were once again racing the clock in a rush to get there so we could go on a big boat called The Province Town II where  a DJ called Laid Back Luke and some other homies were playing music while the boat cruised around the Boston Harbor. It sounded sick,and we didn’t want to miss out. The stars were aligned for us, and somehow we managed to pull it off although we had many obstacles to overcome. We pulled into town right at 6:30, the boat was leaving at 7. We parked the RV literally on the side of the street in 4 metered parking spots. They don’t check meters after 8, or on Sundays so it worked out perfectly. The event was sold out but we scrambled to get ready, crossing our fingers that we would find a way on the boat anyway. A random guy on the side of the street gave us a ride to the boat when we realized our Uber driver had just driven away without us. We pull up to the boat at 6:59, they stopped letting people on at 7. The guy at the ticket table let us in for free cause we didn’t have ($60) tickets, and just like that we were fully immersed in a huge boat full of hilarious Bostonian’s, fist pumping and two stepping, cruising through the harbor. After the boat we went to Prime and partied the rest of the night.

Sunday 6.28.15 Boston Massachusets


I woke up feeling like I needed some exercise, and a shower (the RV was really low on water,) so I used the Yelp App to find a fitness center that was nearby. I use Yelp all of the time to find nearby businesses, just go to the search bar and type in something like “fitness centers,” or “pharmacy,” and a list pops up that includes their distance to your current location, and lots of other details. I went to Health Works Fitness Center which is an all women’s fitness center that was really nice and state of the art. I emailed them ahead of time so I got a free pass.

Later that day we hopped in the car with our friend Melissa and did some exploring. First we got some dank pizza at Brewers Fork. Then we went up to the Top of the Hub which is a sweet bar at the top of a high rise where you can get 360 degree views of the city. We popped some bottles and kicked it with our friend Carly who was working there.

 Later that night we met up with my friend Phil at Tom English’s Cottage, a wicked boston bahh. I had to get up at 6 am the next morning to move the RV out of the metered spots so that we didn’t get towed or ticketed, so I moved about 2 miles down the street to a big Target parking lot, and went back to sleep.


Monday / Tuesday 6.29.15 6.30.15 Kingston, Rhode Island

All of my Charleston homies head back to SC on a plane and I’m on my own with the RV. I make it to Providence and have dinner with my friend Phil, and then continue on to Kingston to post up in the RV for a few nights in the front yard of a bunch of strangers. The day before we met Stan at a bar, and when he heard us trying to figure out what to do with The RV in Rhode Island he texted his friend Stevo, who agreed to let me stay in his yard for a few days. Stan seemed nice enough so I went for it, and was very pleased to find that the strangers were a bunch of stud muffins in the airforce. That worked out well, thanks Stan 🙂
Wednesday 7.1.15 Newport Rhode Island



Mission Accomplished! I make it to Newport, and I have an awesome birthday. Captain Rick and I are unstoppable, we manage to get permission from the owner of the Perry Mills Wharf to let us park the RV there, all summer, for free.99! We find another sick house to leave it for a few days before we relocate to the wharf. Then we hop on a sick Hinckley Picnic boat and jet out to the harbor to watch the beginning of the Transatlantic Race from Newport to Plymouth, England. Among other sailboats out there were Comanche, Rambler, and Nomad some of the fastest sailboats in the world. Then we head over to another sick sailboat for a nice dinner with friends and do some bar hopping. My first day in newport is an epic success. HoLLa Atcha Girl!



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