Traveling Gypsy Diva Packing Tips

 Traveling Gypsy Divas

I recently spent a month in Costa Rica doing various activities. I did a week long adventure tour.   I went hiking, biking, rafting, surfing, partying, and camping, and I also volunteered.  I was in many diverse places such as beaches, jungles, rainforests, volcanoes, mountains, and Envision Music Festival.  These items were crucial while I was traveling:

1.  Water Proof Bags + Rain Jacket

I Had a daypack that was fully water proof, as well as a couple other smaller bags that could fit inside.  You never know when you’re going to be caught in a sudden downpour, and knowing your can safely bring your belongings or electronics without them getting ruined gives you piece of mind and makes your trip more enjoyable.  It’s also useful to have a few extra plastic bags and garbage bags on hand to use for dirty laundry, muddy shoes, etc.

Gill waterproof backpack

Sea Line Waterproof Packs (various sizes)

Columbia Women’s Rain Jackets


2.  Protection from the sun

I wore a visor and brought a sarong with me every single day.  It’s extremely hot in Costa Rica and even worse when the sun is beating down on your face and skin directly.  I was sure to apply natural sunscreen multiple times a day, and stand in the shade as much as possible.  I also am a big fan of the new omni-cool material that helps to cool you down and gives you SPF protection against harsh environments.  Columbia brand has a lot of good products.

Columbia Omni Shade Clothing

3.  Lightweight Clothing and Materials

I had a mixture of clothing in my bags, and very quickly noticed how superior the lightweight material was compared to heavy cotton like clothing.  The lightweight materials such as polyester were much more cool and breathable, dried twice as quickly, were more agile and comfortable, and did not hold on to odors like their cotton counterparts.  I also brought two microfiber towels with me that proved very useful.  One was more of the designated dirty  towel (for outdoor activities like the beach, and to dry wet toiletries before re-packing them, and the other I used after showering.

Lightweight Omni-Cool Shirt

Microfiber Travel Towels

4.  Digital Waterproof Watch

Most people rely on their phones to know what time it is, but there’s no reason to bring your expensive  phone around in another country with no service.  I always wear a digital watch with a back light  so I know what time it is at all times of day or night.

Digital Watch

5.  Headlamp  

I used my headlamp just about everyday, especially when out in the wilderness, at a festival, or even in a hostel when I didn’t want to disturb my roommates who were sleeping.  You can have your hands free to do things so it’s better than a flashlight.  I kept it nearby when sleeping, and always put it in the same spot in my bag or tent so I could find it easily when it got dark.

Purchase head lamp here

6.  GoPro 

I personally like to take lots of pictures and videos when I travel.  Go-Pros make it so that you can enjoy whatever you’re doing without having to fumble around with a camera.  There are multiple mounts, straps, and automatic settings that you can utilize and take pics and flicks without having to push a button.  The quality is great and you can get sick underwater and action shots with them as well.  The battery life doesn’t last long however, so I definitely recommend purchasing extra batteries, and having those charged up for whatever adventure you have planned that day.

GoPro Hero 4

Affordable Accessories Kit

Higher Quality Accessories Kit

7.  Anker Battery Pack

 I used this every day for multiple things.  I am a gadget person, so I needed to have battery life for my cameras to take pictures, my i-pad to make notes, and of course my i-pod and speakers to listen to music.  I could fully recharge my phone, go-pro, i-pod, and i-pad multiple times in one sitting with this battery pack.  another useful gadget is this multi- connector USB cord.  The one I had was kind of cheap and a few hook ups broke, but it was still very useful.

Anker 2nd Gen Astro E7

8.  Fanny Packs / Arm Bands/ Rubberbands

      I can be very absent-minded and have learned that having my belongs attached to me is extremely useful and prevents me from losing things very effectively.  I wore my fanny pack everyday, they are easy to make out of an old pair of pants or shorts. I also added a carabiner with a built-in flashlight, and my camera case.  I have a case on my I-phone that holds my ID, cash, and debit card, and this I wore on my arm with this arm band.  I carried my water with me in this bag, and attached it to a scarf that I wore as a strap.  Any time I was responsible for holding onto a key, I attached it to a hair band around my wrist.  Hair bands also came in handy for a LOT of random things…~

I-phone Case

I-phone Arm Band

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