Music Festival Clothing & Accessories Checklist









  • Hat / Visor / Hood
  • UV Headband or Bandana
    • You won’t catch me outdoors without a visor on, or at the very least a big headband to cover my forehead and prevent sweat from dripping down my face.
    • Everyone needs vitamin D, but not directly on your face.
    • Forehead Wrinkles are REAL, and so is skin cancer.
    • The roll up visors are much more portable also, you can toss them in your bag once it gets dark and it doesn’t matter if they get smooshed.


  • Bathing Suits
  • Active Wear
    • Sports / Yoga Bras
  • Sarong
  • Arm/Leg Warmers
  • Socks
    • I pretty much always wear a bathing suit at a festival, they are much better suited and more durable for the activities and conditions than typical bras and underwear.
    • Not to mention, you care less about showing your ass if it’s a bathing suit being exposed underneath than underwear, and at some point, you’re probably going to show your ass.
    • These days  when I buy bathing suits I try to avoid buying any that tie, or have big bumpy connectors in case I want to wear them underneath normal clothing.
    • Sports bras or even shirts with the built in padding  work well also.
    • These days there are sports bras with really cool strappy designs that can steez up your outfit.
    • Festivals are often hot during the day, and can become surprisingly cool at night,  sarongs, and leg and arm warmers are the perfect solution to not feeling too cold when it’s chilly, but also not over dressing and being way too hot as soon as the music starts.  
    • Once it heats up, the sarong makes a great dancing prop


  • Built in Bra Tanks
  • Racerback Tanks
  • Yoga Tops
    • Eazy, Steezy, Breazy.  Nuff’ said.
    • Racerback tanks, or any kind of shirt with straps tend to be more comfortable than a halter or a tube top. Over time halter tops can hurt the back of your neck with the constant movement and motion of dancing, and tube tops are annoying if you have to keep readjusting them.


  • Yoga shorts
  • Athletic Skorts
  • Regular Shorts
  • Leggings
    • Shorts/ leggings and shirt most preferable. You’re going to be dancing, and sitting down a lot. Depending on how hot or cold it is I always prefer shorts and leggings over a dress, once again to minimize “ass showing” as much as possible.


  • Flowy @ the waist
  • Comfortable Length
  • Beach Coverups
    • One thing to keep is mind with wearing a dress is that you’ll definitely be exposed- dancing, sitting down, climbing art fixtures (?) who know’s what you’ll be doing.
    • Usually I prefer shorts over dresses but really, anything goes.  It’s all about your own personal preference and what you’re comfortable in.
    • If you choose to wear a dress, wear a bathing suit underneath. You will be much more comfortable wearing a dress that is flowy in the leg region rather than tight and short. Tight dresses ride up and you have to pull them down every 30 seconds.
    • Rompers are cute but get tricky when going to the bathroom, you literally have to unhook anything you’re wearing, like a fanny pack or backpack, and fully disrobe while in the portapotty. Also for you slick divas popping a squat outside you’ll be exposed. (use a sarong as a privacy curtain)


  • Hoodie
  • Rain Jacket / Rain Wrap
  • Rain Boots / Durable Shoes
    • Plan for the worst, hope for the best.  I have been in some SERIOUS storms in the middle of a festival, if you’re not prepared it really blows.
    • Even the hottest day can get crazy cold at night, always have a back up hoodie.


  • Close-toed Kicks or Boots
  • Durable Sandals
    • I almost always wear close toed shoes at a festy, unless I’m chillin’ at the campsite.  
    • It doesn’t have to rain for the festival grounds to get muddy.  One step in a muddy puddle, or even worse porta-potty and your sandals are all squishy and gnarly.
    • People will step on your feet, spill drinks on them, you will kick up a lot of dust and dirt, and by the end of the night, they will look like unkept hobbit feet.  
    • I find it easier to dance in kicks as well.
    • If you do choose sandals, try to wear comfortable outdoorsy sandals with extra straps and comfort.  DO NOT rock a $2 pair of cheapos, they will give you blisters, or break immediately.

  • Tight / Short
    • Uncomfortable, constantly have to adjust
    • Movement Restricting
    • Chaffing
  • Big flares / Long Flowy Skirts
  • Long frills
  • One pieces
  • Expensive
    • When you’re at a festival, carefree is the way to be!  You don’t want to be constantly bothered by a wardrobe malfunction.  
    • Clothes like tight skirts and tube tops tend to have to be pulled up, down, and all around over and over again when you’re dancing and moving around for hours on end.
    • Strappy halter tops also can become very uncomfortable because after a full day and night of raging the thin straps will chaffe into your neck and skin.  If not, you’re not dancing hard enough.
    • I love bell bottoms and shirts with big flares and frills, but they get so dirty!  The bell bottoms will get soaked and caked with mud, may trip you up all night, and shirt sleeves and frills will drag all over the porta-potties and then in your food.
    • I also love rompers and onesies but they are a nightmare in the porta-potty or if you’re just trying to pop a squat discreetly.  You literally have to fully dis-rope just to pee, I’ve nearly peed my pants and flashed a few innocent bystanders countless times.
    • A festival is not the kind of place to bust out your expensive designer apparel.  
    • The more you care about it, the quicker you’ll spill something all over it, and then it’ll be a downer on your parade.  
    • Wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty… or ruined.