Lares Trek in Peru W/ Condor Expeditions Recap & Review:

This is a recap and review of my experience hiking the Lares Trek in Peru. Below are several videos with lots of flicks and pics of our exhilarating 4 day journey that ended at Machu Picchu.  We enjoyed this trek and our guides so much that we have already booked them for The Inca Trail in August of 2017.  I highly recommend checking out Lake Titicaca or Mancura while you’re down there! 

Machu Picchu

I feel like I should first mention that our trek was a collaboration of two different companies due to availability, Condor Expeditions, and And Action Peru Treks.  If you are looking to book a trek in Cuzco, Peru look no further, Condor Expeditions  can provide you with 5 star service and an amazing experience.

We were referred to Jose by a friend who had also gone on a trek with them and loved it.Jose and Roxner were our guides, they spoke very good english and taught us a lot of interesting facts about the land and the culture of Peru. They are professionally trained and educated in:

  • The history of the Incas
  • Peruvian history, culture and traditions
  • First aid
  • Guiding treks and tours
  • The fauna and flora of the region
  • Tourism management


Jose and Roxner were very responsive, flexible, and attentive to our needs.  They offer all types of different levels of intensity, durations, and services depending on your preferences for the trek. Whether it’s nature, history, culture, food, or photography, they will plan it accordingly.  We decided to do the Lares Trail, which was 3 days of hiking, and then a tour of Machu Picchu on the 4th day.

From the moment we were in contact with them they took care of every single detail.  They got all of the supplies, all of the gear, arranged for  rides and lodging, and made sure we were prepared.  During the trek there was a team of porters and mules who carried our gear, set up our camp, and cooked all of our meals which were 4 – 5 courses, and absolutely delicious.




This was the first time I’ve ever done an overnight, backpacking expedition, and it exceeded my expectations immensely.  These guys did everything in their power to make it an enjoyable and stress free experience for us.  We literally did nothing except walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery, they took care of the rest.

This is a locally owned and operated company, they are native to the land and highly experienced.  They also give back to the community in various ways.  I will continue to recommend Condor Expeditions to friends and family, and would love to book them for another expedition in the future.



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