Pack Attack! How to Use Packing Cubes And Organize Your Suitcase

Pack Attack!

In this post I will go over several techniques including how to use packing cubes and other accessories to organize and maximize the space in your suitcase.  Fortunately these days there are various packing accessories, techniques, and strategies to help you do this.  Below is a list of packing hacks for anyone who is:

  1. Going on a long trip & bringing multiple types of luggage and clothing.
  2. Planning on participating in a diverse array of activities, from nightlife to extreme outdoor adventure.
  3.  Going camping, to an outdoor music festival, or some other activity thats results in long term exposure to the elements.
  4. Living in small spaces such as a boat, cruise ship, or RV.

1Create Categories & Checklists For Different Types of Luggage

    • Clothing
    • Undergarments
    • Accessories
    • Shoes
    • Toiletries
    • Electronics

  • I like to make a list of all of the different categories of luggage I know that I will need throughout my trip, and then decide which packing accessories to organize them with.
  • I usually bring one larger bag, one smaller bag such as a carry on or backpack, and then a personal bag for my essentials.
Packing Organization

Packing Organization

2Pack Similar Luggage Together

    • Personal Bag / Smaller Backpack :
      • Personal Items
      • Wallet
      • ID
      • Phone
      • Headphones
      • Travel Documents
    • Smaller Pack / Carry On (Water Proof is best)
      • Laptop / I pad
      • Photography Gear
      • Valuables
      • Electronics / Chargers
      • Water / Snacks
      • Rain Jacket
      • Sarong or Jacket
    • Larger Suitcase / Pack
      • Clothing
      • Toiletries
      • Accessories and Jewelry
      • Laundry / Shoe Bag
      • Footware / Outdoor Gear

  • My personal bag and my smaller pack never leave my side, I always bring them with me whether I’m on planes, trains, or automobiles. They contain all of the items I need for security and long travel days.
  • I bring all of my electronics with me so that I have something for entertainment while traveling, and also I don’t want to risk them getting lost, damaged, or stolen.
  • Often times you will have to check your larger bag so I put clothing, toiletries, and other replaceable and less valuable items in that one.
  • It is convenient to have these items in the same bag also because you often need them together- you will shower, get ready, and get dressed.  You will only need to gather your stuff out of one bag rather than multiple different ones.
  • You often need toiletries in your checked bag anyway because you can’t bring more than 3 oz’s of liquids through security.

3Use Packing Cubes & Accessories to Separate & Organize


    • Clear / See Through
    • Expandable / Collapsible
    • Packable (?)
    • Hanging Capabilities
    • Packing Cubes
      • Clothing & Accessories
        1. Tops vs bottoms
        2. Whole outfits
      • Jewelry
      • Electronics
    • Toiletry & Cosmetic Kits
    • Laundry / Shoe Bags

packing and oganization divider, music festival checklists

Packing cubes, accessories, and  dividers.

  • Implementing packing accessories into my travel regime has completely changed the game for me.  My suitcase and bags have been transformed from a disheveled mess swimming with various items I can never seem to find, to organized and compartmentalized.
  • I always use clear bags, you can see everything from a glance. If you use opaque bags there’s a good chance you will go a whole trip forgetting you packed useful items that would have come in handy if you had seen them.
  • Packing Cubes are amazing, I have them in different sizes and colors.  You can organize them in multiple ways:
    • Tops vs. Bottoms
    • Pack entire outfits together
    • Sporty vs Dressy
    • Toiletries vs. Accessories
    • Electronics vs. Outdoor Gear etc.
  • Some packing cubes are even expandable and collapsible so that you can hang them up as soon as you get to your lodging and make even more space in your suitcase.
  • This hanging toiletry kit from Travelon is my absolute favorite and is the best I’ve seen so far for us gypsy diva’s who tend to have A LOT of toiletries.
    • My favorite features are :
      • the clear compartments
      • the hanging capabilities
      • and especially these removable bags that are awesome to grab just your shower / post shower/ or bedtime supplies so that you don’t have to drag around the whole kit and caboodle around unneccesarily.

4Pre- Plan Outfits

Packing Cubes and Dividers

Packing Cubes and Dividers

    • 1-2 for each day
    • Minimize unnecessary items (Toiletries)
    • Take a picture

  • Write out your daily itinerary or at least a rough idea of the activities you’re planning on doing, and plan complete outfits or variations for each day.
  • Try on each outfit, and take a picture of them so that it’s easy to remember when the time comes.

5Choose Outfits You Can Mix & Match

    • Color Scheme
    • Outter Shell
    • Solids vs. Patterns

  • My strategy these days is that I always wear solid black bottoms, a solid black or grey jacket,  and colorful & / or patterned tops and accessories.
  •  I literally bring several variations of black bottoms that I know are comfortable and fit well.
    • Long black leggings + romper
    • Capri length black leggings + romper
    • Adjustable multi-way black skirt + top
    • Black yoga shorts / skort
    • Black sandals
  • Then I know for sure that whatever tops, jackets, or accessories I pack will match any of the bottoms I pack.
  •  Now, there is never an issue of running out of matching outfits.
  • The brand Angelrox© has amazing versatile outfits that can be worn in various ways, you can find them at WakenMake Shop.

6Choose Multi-Way & Multi- Purpose Items

    • Examples:
    • Sarongs
    • Vests
    • Bandanas
    • Head Bands
    • Leg / Arm Warmers
    • Hoods
    • Reversible
    • Cinchable
    • Attachable
    • Adapters

  • I love versatile clothing and accessories, some of the favorite I have found so far are:
    • WakenMake So-right Sarongs…they’re so right!  You can wear them so many ways and use them for so many things…
    • Leg & arm warmers, are great to throw in your bag rather than carry around a bulky jacket.
    • Here are a few of my other favorite multi-way get-ups and gadgets:
      • Multi-way Outfit Kit
      • Angelrox Wrap
      • Angelrox© Flirt
      • Angelrox Romper
      • Angelrox Hourglass
      • Angelrox Wifey
      • Fairies Pyjamas Halter
    • I always wear a UV protective headband these days when I’m out in the sun…forehead wrinkles are real!
    • I also always rock my Bandi Wear Pocket Belt / fanny pack when working out to store my phone, keys, and cash.
    • These adapters are great for saving space and covering all of my bases as well.

7Choose Versatile Gear

    • Acceptable in Various Situations
      • Casual & Durable Outdoors
      • Sophisticated Indoors
      • Travel Grade
      • Sleep-able
    • Low Maintenance
      • Wrinkle free
      • Won’t Get Dirty Easily
      • Doesn’t Require More Accessories (Electronics)
      • Re-usable
      • Weatherproof
      • Minimal Parts
      • Multi-Features
    • Features:
      • Weather resistant
      • High Performance
      • UV protection
      • Moisture Wicking
      • Quick-dry
      • Pockets
      • Collapsible
      • Attachable

  • These days you can easily find high performance clothing and brands that are not only durable, but they are comfortable and look good too.
  • I’m going to make sure that whatever articles of clothing or gear I bring will be able to provide me with as many of the features listed above as possible.

8Bring Portable Clothes Washing Supplies

    • Portable Drying Line
    • Clips w/ Hooks
    • Dr. Bromner’s Soap
    • Portable Washing Machine

  • I generally bring enough outfits to last me a full week, and then I assume that I can just go to a laundromat, or use a laundry service and re-wear the same outfits  over and over again if I’m on an extended trip.
  • It’s also easy to wash items in the sink with some soap and water, and bring hooks to hang them to dry, which is why it’s crucial to pack quick-dry clothing and micro-fiber towels.
  • Don’t forget to leave some extra space in your suitcase so that you can buy a cool outfit or souvenir from wherever it is you’re traveling!