Half Halloween Roll Crew Block Party

Halloween is by far my favorite HoLLaDaY.  I really just wish that every day could be Halloween, but I’ll settle for at least celebrating it twice a year.  This party was partially inspired by the Workaholics episode in which they celebrated “Half Christmas”  exactly 6 months before the real Christmas, so on May 31st, we celebrated “Half Halloween.”

It was kind of like a bar crawl except instead of going from bar to bar, we went from house party to house party.  We got to each party by getting our roll on, on bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, or anything with wheels.  The best part:  it was a Halloween themed party… So everyone wore costumes 🙂



Each house was stocked with alcohol, and as soon as we crushed it, we moved on to the next location.  The final stop was at Clisby’s house with a nice big yard where we had “slip n flip” set up.  Slip n Flip is a 2 person slip n slide that ends at a table where the game flip cup is set up.  You race to the table, flip the cup, and then the next person on your team does the same.  It’s pretty epic.