GoPro Hero 3 Gear Review

My whole life I have loved to take pictures.  Cameras have come a long way since the old school disposable ones.  I’ve probably had at least 15 digital cameras throughout my life, but now that I’ve discovered the GoPro I’m stoked.  There are lots of reasons I now prefer to bring it over a digital camera, although there are some draw backs.  


  • You can set it and forget it.
    • There’s a large variety of straps, cases, and mounts that are compatible with your GoPro, although you must purchase them separately.  I highly recommend these because it enables you to enjoy whatever activity you’re doing, and still capture the moment without having to fumble around with your camera taking pictures the whole time.  I find that the video quality pictures are never blurry and you can find the perfect action shot.  
  • Pictures and videos are great quality.
    • The fisheye lens really gets the whole scene, and it looks cool too in my opinion.
  • They are extremely versatile, and what I like to call “gypsy proof.”  
    • These things are made to be beat up, tossed around, immersed in water, buried in the snow, and undergo extreme conditions. On top of that you can strap it to yourself so that it’s much easier not to lose it, or get it stolen.
  • They are small and lightweight.
    • You can easily fit them in your pocket or bag.
  • Wifi connection:
    • You can connect it directly to your smartphone, computer, or even upload pictures straight to the internet from your gopro.  
    • You can use your smartphone as a bluetooth remote.



  • They have a short battery life.
    • If you run it on constant recording or even just leave it on, the camera doesn’t last more than a couple of hours.  Be sure to shut it off when not using it.
    • Using Wifi, having the screen on, or cold temperatures can make the battery die more quickly.
    • I usually take one or two fully charged back-up batteries with me just in case.
  • There is no zoom in feature.
    • These are great for action shots and activities, but for other types of photography such as wildlife or nature, would not be ideal.
  • Harder to use without LCD screen
    • This camera doesn’t come with an LCD screen, although you can purchase one separately, and I would highly recommend it.  After purchasing mine, I was able to take much better quality pictures, because I knew what I was looking at. I also learned how to use the camera much better, it took a while to get use to the symbols and figure out how to change settings, but the screen makes it very simple.


Tips and Suggestions:

  • I recommend wearing the chest strap if your activity allows it, and taking short videos whenever you’re doing or viewing something you want to capture.  I like the chest strap because it is right in front of you and you can easily control the camera without having to fumble around too much, (where’as with a helmet you have to remove the helmet over and over to change settings.)  Record a short video, and then turn the camera off to save battery life.  Later, when you upload the video to your computer, you can take a still shot of the video, and now you have both.  There is a few different apps and software that enables you to do it.  



  • GoPro App
  • Imovie
  • Video 2 Photo