Envision Festival crowds relaxing at the Uvita Waterfall, Costa Rica

Envision Festival Bucket List & F*ckit List

Bucket & F*ckit List

Here are a few things you should definitely experience while at Envision. However, to ensure the most positive experience possible, here are some things you should plan on not caring about…F*ckit!

Bucket List

Sunset on the Beach at Envision Festival, Costa Rica
Sunsets on the Pacific Ocean are epic, combine that with thousands of stoked people on the beach celebrating the spectacularness in a vortex of music, art, dance, fire, and love, and it’s guaranteed to be one of the most unforgettable sunsets you’ve ever experienced. Although less of a spectacle, the beach reopens in the morning right around sunrise, and there’s nothing like plunging in the water after a full day and night of non-stop dancing and partying.
I was blown away by so many new amazing artists and bands at Envision that I had never heard of, the line-up consists of music from all over the world. Obviously we all have our favorite groups, but try to make time to check out as many new ones as possible. Not to mention the mind bending live performances on stage and throughout the festival grounds that will leave your head reeling.
Envision has an entire village set up with classes and workshops, yoga and movement, healing sanctuaries, lounges, art and installations, and a networking center. Many of the people who are selected to run the classes and workshops are world renowned leaders in the industry. Also in the village is a children and family oasis, a global market vending area with delicious food, and some of the freshest and most progressive gear I’ve seen at a festy.
Art is going on all around you all the time. Contribute to the evolving beauty of the surroundings, explore and admire all of the art installations that are made for your enjoyment like the hanging trampoline, the bamboo slide, the lounges and of course the hammocks. Build a sand castle or draw sacred geometry on the beach, get your face painted, contribute to the creative energy that is flowing in abundance all around you.
A majority of the meals and snacks offered by the vendors came from local organic farms, and sustainable communities. You could find an assortment of nutritious foods, such as fresh fruit smoothie and juice bars, sushi, gluten free pizzas, raw chocolate, as well as vegan and vegetarian options just to name a few.
A 5-10 minute cab ride ($10 at most,) will get you to the waterfall that is located right near the town of Uvita. This waterfall saved my life, it’s the best way to beat the heat in the middle of the day if you’re camping out. Plenty of shade, and nice chilly water will refresh you after the sun beats you to the ground. You can jump or even slide off of the waterfall, into a pool about 30-40 ft or so.
One of the things I loved about Envision is that it was never really THAT crowded in front of the stage, which gives you the freedom to roam around and find a spot that suits you. Whether you like front and center, near the soundboard, to the side next to the live art, way up on the bamboo structure for a great view of everything, or off to the back where there’s plenty of space, all of it is doable,mix it up a lil’ bit!
Go on a little adventure, explore the festival on your own terms. Make new friends! There is no doubt that the positive energy and vibes at Envision were contagious, and everyone was super friendly and open.
Whether you’re hanging from a hammock, lying on the beach, or in the shade of the canopy at the waterfall, you’ll wake up, and think you’re still dreaming.

F*ckit List

Envision Festival is held in a tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, so it’s hot as sh*t… Like really f*cking hot…And humid. Night time is a little bit more bearable but lets not forget, you’re dancing,hard, the music is just soooooooo good!
If you’re camping as opposed to renting a house or hotel, then chances are you were looking pretty rough by the end of the festy. Combine sweating profusely all day long, being exposed to the elements, and your only shower is a dip in the ocean or the waterfall. F*ck it! That’s what sunnies, hats, and hair rubber bands are for. Mirrors? Stay away…
Did I mention it’s hot as sh*t? Well You would probably have to drink a gallon of water an hour to keep up with the amount of water you’re perspiring, but the festival actually ran out of water for a few hours the last couple of days making that a very hard task to accomplish. Party Responsibly! Hard candies are a great ally in the battle against cotton mouth.
The festival being in Costa Rica we were all lacking in camping supplies as it was, so we didn’t have a big cooler packed with ice to keep drinks and perishables in. We brought a few snacks like pretzels and cookies which literally were soggy within an hour after opening the bag. F*ckit! Warm champagne still pops and bubbles!
I never thought the day would come that I would be able to share a tent space with spiders and other mysterious alien-looking insects without squirming around, but alas that barrier has been broken. There were spiders and other bugs all over the place, of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Their presence could not be avoided. Eventually I hardly noticed they were there.
Envision has a “zero single use,” food court, meaning the vendors were not allowed to give out disposable plates and utensils which is awesome and should be utilized at all festivals. However, be prepared to re-use your same cup (that you provide), for everything- from water, to smoothies, to coffee, to beer, and whatever other concoction you choose to drink on. Also a $1 deposit gets you reusable utensils that you can return to the dishwashers with your money back. I just reused my same crusty utensils all weekend… F*ckit!
There are a lot of different factors working together here to ensure that your sleep time is minimal. First and foremost- the entertainment. SO MUCH music, art, classes, workshops, and spectacularness going on around the clock. Sleeping in the daytime is not even an option, unless you have a nice shady spot, it’s way too hot. If you manage to sneak a nap in in the evening hopefully you can ignore the sensation of spiders crawling on your face, and early morning, there’s always the howler monkeys, (which sound like monsters), to wake you up. 🙂
By the time I left Envision, my hair was in dreads, I was sunburnt, my feet had sore spots, blisters, and callouses all over them, I was physically drained of all energy, and my brain was functioning in slow motion… F*ckit! It was one of the funnest, most epic festivals I’ve ever been to, and it was worth over discomfort 100 times over. ~