The WakenMake Don’t Lose Your Shit Kit

Accessories & Necessities For Music Festival Divas

Packing for a festival isn’t just like packing for a typical trip. You need to bring everything you need to survive in the wilderness for an entire weekend.   On top of that, consider the fact that from the moment you arrive, you will be consuming alcohol, and god knows what else, heavily.  You can’t depend on your wits to help you out in a dire situation, the most you can do is make sure you’re prepared ahead of time for whatever natural or man made disaster that may go down… and trust me, it will.This kit is for all of my fellow absent minded gypsy divas out there.  Rage responsibly…and try not to lose your shit.

The *Don’t Lose Your Shit Kit* includes the following products:

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bandi pocket belt

hipclip 2