3 Best Charleston SC Beaches For Bachelor Parties

This is a guide with lots of useful information about the 3 best Charleston SC beaches for bachelor and bachelorette parties:

1.  Folly Beach

2.  Sullivans Island

3.  Isle of Palms

Be sure to check out the Charleston Bachelor Party and Adventure Guide which is an extensive guide full of tips, tricks, and resources to help you plan an epic bachelor or bachelorette party in Charleston, SC.

Charleston SC Beaches

Charleston has a lot of beaches to choose from.  The closest ones from the downtown peninsula are Folly Beach, Sullivan’s Island, and Isle of Palms.  In my opinion, Folly is more geared towards young people who are looking to get their drink on, whereas Isle of Palms is  more family oriented, and Sullivan’s Island  is somewhere in between. Here is some advice on the following topics to help you choose which Beach to go to.

  • Charleston SC surf, water sports, & recreation…
  • Charleston Beaches Restaurants & Bars
  • Charleston SC Traffic 
  • Charleston Beaches Alcohol Consumption Laws
  • Charleston Beaches Parking Information
  • Charleston Beaches Pet Laws
  • What to Bring to Charleston Sc Beaches

Charleston SC Surf, Watersports, & Recreation:

In Charleston SC there are a variety of watersports you can choose from such as surfing, sailing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, boating and jet skiing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, etc.  The most popular surf spot is definitely The Washout on Folly, where you can find decent waves on some days.  Check http://www.swellinfo.com/surf-forecast/folly-beach-south-carolina  for the surf report.  Occasionally there are a few spots on Sullivans and Isle of Palms where you can surf, but those beaches are much more ideal for kiteboarding and windsurfing, still a good place to watch hot babes boost up in the air with kites and boards.  Beware of strong rip currents, especially in or around Breaches Inlet, which is between Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island.  Many people have drowned there.

Click on the name of each beach to find links to a few companies that offer a variety of activities, tours, and rentals.

  • Isle of Palms SC:

Charleston Beaches Restaurants and Bars:

All three beaches have a variety of fun bars and restaurants to check out.  As stated before, Folly Beach would be my first choice for places to party, then Sullivan’s, then Isle of Palms. Click on each beach to find links to recommended spots.

  • Isle of Palms
    • Windjammer http://www.the-windjammer.com/wp/
    • Banana Cabana http://www.thebananacabanasc.com/ordereze/default.aspx
    • Coconut Joe’s http://www.coconutjoes.biz/ordereze/default.aspx
  • Sullivans Island
  • Folly Beach
    • Taco Boy http://tacoboy.net
    • Loggerheads www.loggerheadsbg.com/
    • Surfbar http://surfbarfollybeach.com/
    • Snapper Jacks snapperjacks.net
    • Rita’s Surfside Bar and Grill
    • Blu Oceanfront http://www.blufollybeach.com/

Charleston Beach Traffic Info

On a good day you should be able to get to any of these beaches from downtown within 20-30 minutes, however lately traffic is crazy, and sometimes it could take closer to an hour if you go at peak times which is usually between 10 am – 2 pm.

Charleston Beach Alcohol Consumption

In recent years the law has changed and it’s no longer legal to drink on any of the Charleston beaches.  Officers patrol up and down the beach all day. If you decide to bring alcohol anyway (which many people do,) be discreet! Getting an open container ticket makes a beach day a little less sunny, and you can be fined up to $1,090.00  Also, liquor stores are closed on Sundays in Charleston, you can only purchase beer or wine, so you may want to stock up on Saturdays!

Charleston Beach Parking Information

All beaches have free street parking, with the exception of one section of Folly called “The Washout,”  in which you have to buy a parking ticket and display it in your car.  If you want to avoid paying for parking there you have to park a ways down the street, away from the meters, and just walk.  You will also get a ticket if all 4 wheels of your car aren’t completely off of the road, or if your car is facing the wrong direction, or blocking someones driveway.   Sullivans and Isle of Palms have free parking along the streets as well.  Some areas have meters that cost $1 an hour.

Charleston Beach Pet Laws:

You can only bring pets to certain Beaches at certain times of day, and they  must be wearing a leash most of the time.  You can get fined up to $1,000 for breaking these regulations, which are active between Memorial day, and September 30th:

  • Folly Beach
    • Dogs are prohibited on the beach from 10 am – 6 pm and must be on a leash otherwise.
  • Sullivan’s Island
    • ALL dogs must have a permit which you can pick up from town hall for $35, ($25 if you’re a local.)  Dogs are allowed on the beach and off leash from 5-10 am, and and on leash from  6 – 5 am.  No dogs between those times.
  • Isle of Palms
    • Pets are allowed but must be on a leash at all times, except between 5-8 am.
Beach Packing List
Beach Packing List Beach Packing List

What To Bring to Charleston SC Beaches:

  • Something to sit on
    • Beach chair
    • Towel,
    • Tapestry
    • Sarong
  • Cooler
    • One that rolls, or a backpack cooler would be best
  • Beach Games:
    • Paddle Ball
    • Corn Hole
    • Bocci Ball
    • Balls and Frisbees
    • Hoolah hoops
  • Battery Pack
    • This is good for charging phones, cameras, speakers, and other electronics
  • Portable speakers (fully charged)
    • The bluetooth feature is convenient, and helps protect your phone from being exposed to the outside elements, however they tend to drain the batteries of both the speakers and phone, and sometimes they have bad connection.  I try to use an auxilliary cord whenever possible.
  • Camera
    • Go Pro’s are perfect for outdoor recreation
  • Water proof bag
    • This has been a lifesaver for me ever since I bought one.  I never worry about my belongings getting wet or ruined.  You can find them in various sizes.
  • Sunscreen
    • I prefer natural sunscreen brands such as : Beauty Counter, or Trader Joes.  Headhunter is great for surfing, as it is very water proof, durable, and you can bring it in your pocket and apply it in the ocean.
  • Protection From the Sun
    • Hat or visor
    • Sunglasses (polarized)
    • Sarong or coverup
  • Nourishing snacks
    • Nuts
    • Fruit/Berries
    • Hummus + Carrots or celery
  • Canteen or reusable cup w/ a lid + straw
    • Drinks get knocked over, sand gets in them, and they get mixed up when everyone uses a solo cup.