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8 Popular Bachelorette Party Destinations and Trip Planning Advice

Below are 8 guidelines to help plan your trip and choose the best bachelorette party destinations, and singles vacation spots for women.  I also included a few of my personal favorite places to travel with a group of girls.  I’m constantly planning my next adventure.  There’s so many places I want to go, and so many things I want to …

Traveling Gypsy Diva Packing Tips

 Traveling Gypsy Divas I recently spent a month in Costa Rica doing various activities. I did a week long adventure tour.   I went hiking, biking, rafting, surfing, partying, and camping, and I also volunteered.  I was in many diverse places such as beaches, jungles, rainforests, volcanoes, mountains, and Envision Music Festival.  These items were crucial while I was traveling: 1. …

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3 Best Charleston SC Beaches For Bachelor Parties

Charleston has a lot of beaches to choose from. The closest ones from the downtown peninsula are Folly Beach, Sullivan’s Island, and Isle of Palms. In my opinion, Folly is more geared towards young people who are looking to get their drink on, whereas Isle of Palms is more family oriented, and Sullivan’s Island is somewhere in between.

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8 Luxuries You’ll Miss When you Move to Buenos Aires

This was part of a writing assignment for an online writing course.  I know it may seem like I am hating on Argentina on this post but I really did love living there, and definitely  recommend traveling there!  This was just a writing exercise, although it’s all true 🙂 1. Waking up in a comfortable environment Depending on the time of …