Boomtown Fair 2016 Review: Boomtique Fancy Camping

Boomtique was a special exclusive camping option that was offered at Boomtown Fair 2016, which is a music festival that’s held in the United Kingdom right outside of London.   I imagine the experience would have been very different if we had not booked the pre-pitched luxury yurts in the Boomtique Village.  Below is a recap and review with some pics and flicks of our accommodations at Boomtown Fair.

Because we were traveling internationally we decided to pay the extra money for a Luxury Yurt in the Downtown Boomtique Village which turned out to be a great decision. Boomtique offered a diverse variety of upscale pre-pitched camping options ranging from tents, tipis, yurts, pods, and cabins with additional options to rent bedding and linen as well.





Prices of these accommodations ranged from about £300.00 – £1200.00 pounds but also included several other exclusive amenities that were only accessible to Boomtique Village wristband holders including:

  • Full Service Spa by Lost Horizon w/ Sauna / Hot Tubs / Massage Parlor / Hammocks, Trampolines, and Dressing Rooms
  • Cafe & Discounted Bar
  • Plush Cozy Lounges w/ Charging Stations
  • Campfire
  • Private Showers & Toilets
  • Information Tent
  • Friendly & Helpful Staff
  • Extra Security
  • Hilltop Location w/ Sick View


After endless hours of taxis, trains, shuttles, hustling, bustling,  and waiting in line, we finally made it inside Boomtown!  Carrying all of our luggage with us, we traversed across the massive expanse of what we later found out to be one tiny section of the festival grounds. The homestretch was an impressive rolling hill that brought us to Boomtique Village, our home for the next four days.  


Upon our arrival, Fred of Fred’s Yurts  gave us a little tour of the village and showed us our yurt, which was equipped with cozy bedding, bedside tables, mirrors, solar lights, rugs, a padlock, and an epic sprawling view of Boomtown framed  in the door. I collapsed on the bed and immediately thought how nice it was to arrive to a fully equipped luxury yurt, without having to set up a single thing.


The Boomtown Venue itself is massive and hilly, and as far as I could tell there was not an option to camp alongside your car like we typically do here in the states.  This means that to camp out you had to drag all of your supplies in from the parking lot…and then back out again after you’ve been festing for four days, (assuming your car didn’t catch fire and explode.) The thought of carrying any more gear besides just our own clothing and accessories across all of that terrain was daunting. Yeah, Boomtique Village Glamping costed a little extra… but it was so worth it!  

This is literally just one quarter of Boomtown's sprawling landscape.

This is literally just one quarter of Boomtown’s sprawling landscape.

More and more festivals are offering these pre-pitched camping options and so far I’ve had great experiences with them. If you have a little extra dough to throw around I definitely recommend saving yourself the energy and hassle of trying to set up your own camp.

Over the next four days, if we ever so desired…

  • We could order food and have it delivered straight to our yurt.
  • We could stumble to the bar a few feet away, consume copious amounts of discounted alcohol, and then go sweat it all out in the hot tub or sauna… or even get a massage.
  • We could have a jump on the trampoline to catch the last glimpses of the sunset, and then sit by the campfire and make some tea.
  • We had access to private showers, dressing rooms, and toilets that were kept clean and tidy, and hardly ever had a line.   
  • We could kick it in the lounge and charge our phones, batteries… or shoes.    
  • We got to know our fellow English neighbors who showed us around and how to get down in Boomtown.
  • We were able to max and relax away from all of the noise and shenanigans and actually get a decent amount of sleep in a peaceful environment.


This was the information tent where there was always a helpful staff member on call to assist you, and plenty of cozy chairs and couches to lounge in while charging your electronics.


For £5.00 you had access to the spa all day which was fully equipped with organic wood fired hot tubs, a sauna, changing rooms, showers, a massage parlor, a trampoline, hammocks, and a bongo lounge.  They were always playing funky jams and clothes were optional if you preferred to participate in a pants off dance off 🙂 

Nothing like jumping on a trampoline to feel like a kid again, until about 3 minutes when you’re huffing and puffing… then you remember your age- and head straight to the bar.IMG_2871.JPG

According to my phone fitness tracker I “dance walked” more than 30 miles throughout the weekend- and I didn’t even have my phone on me the whole time.  Massage… yes please!  IMG_2849.JPG

They had the fire blazing every single night as soon as the sun went down.  This was a mellow communal fire pit where you could find a little respite during the night.  There was even a kettle, and assortment of teas if you pleased ~IMG_2867.JPG

Which looks more inviting to you?IMG_2863.JPGIMG_2861.JPGIMG_2862.JPGIMG_2866.JPGIMG_2880.JPG

With a Boomtown Resident Wristband (as opposed to just a Boomtown Village Wristband,)  we had access to these Poshwash Showers, around the clock, with fully functional sinks and showers, nice warm water and solid water pressure.  There was hardly ever a line for these besides a couple of hours in the morning.  This was the line for showers for village wristband holders during peak shower time. I can only imagine what the shower lines were like for the “traditional campers.”  
Compost Toilets are much more eco- friendly than the traditional porta-potties.  These were kept clean for the most part- only lacking toilet paper from time to time which can be expected.

The best part about Boomtique?  Our neighbors!