8 Differences Between Southern Bells and Quechua Mountain Warrior Women

8 Differences Between Southern Bells and Quechua Mountain Warrior Women

  1. Our idea of BBQ

When we eat pork in the South, we take a nice big fat juicy pig or hog, slow cook it for hours or even days, flavor it to perfection, and call it Barbeque…  In Peru they jam a stick through a guinea pig, hold it over the fire for a while, and call it a delicacy.

  1. How we distinguish our marital status.

Wearing a diamond ring on your ring finger is our subtle  way of getting the message across.  However, in the Cuzco region of Peru you can tell from a mile away by the big bright  hat covered in flowers that she wears everyday.

  1. How we cook, start fires, and stay warm.

In the south you likely have a gas or electric stove, an oven, and possibly even a grill to fire up “supper.” However, Peruvian ladies use the same clay pot for most of their cooking.   Due to lack of wood for kindling most time of the year, they have to burn Alpaca poop to light for a fire, which also helps to keep their huts warm. A lot of time the entire family will sleep in a cot or bed altogether, and for extra warmth, they sleep with Alpaca blankets on top, and guinea pigs below during frigid winter nights.

  1. How we “court” our husband to be.

In the south, it goes a little something like this: You start dating, then you begin a serious relationship, then the man must ask the woman’s family for permission to wed her, then they get married, move in together, and live happily ever after… Or whatever.  In the Cuzco region, it’s still common practice to have arranged marriages.  Also, there is a law in Peru that before a couple can be legally married they have to live with each other for two full years.  Once you’re married, that’s it… There’s no getting divorced.

  1. Our Islands are made of palms, theirs of reeds.

       In Charleston “Isle of Palms,” is only a short drive away, whereas in Cuzco the closest island is the Reed Islands in Lake Titicaca, which are literally large, man-made islands that float around the lake,  where entire families can live.

  1. How we commute long distances- carry heavy loads & children

Although Charleston is a walking city, the farthest you would have to walk from one side to the other could not be farther a couple of miles.  In Cuzco, it’s no big deal to walk 10-20 miles in a day, if necessary. Then, top that off with carrying a heavy load or even a child wrapped up in a blanket over your back in mountainous terrain…So try walking in their shoes, which are sandals year round, even when it’s especially cold and wet.

  1.  Our preference of starches.

       In the south you’re likely to get served up a side of grits and sweet tea with your roasted pig.  In Peru, you can expect either potatoes or quinoa, and Inca Cola.

  1.  How we deal with infidelity

In South Cackalacky, if you’re caught cheating on your spouse, you will likely get served up divorce papers, and a big ole’ check for half of your husband’s assets.  In Cusco, you can expect to be to be tied to a pole and publicly whipped.