8 Things You Can Do In Santa Teresa, Costa Rica That You Can’t Do In Charleston

1.  Ride down the streets and beaches, on a 4-wheeler or  ATV …While chugging a beer.

Load it up with as many people as you can fit.  The roads tend to get a little dusty, so you may want ski goggles so you can see, and a bandana so you don’t show up with dust all up in your teeth.  

2. Pitch a tent on the beach and stay for as long as you want

        No permits necessary, ocean front property indefinitely.  However, the beaches can be unsafe at night so it’s not recommended to roam around in small groups.

3.  Let your pets roam freely

Dogs can run around the beaches,  streets, and even restaraunts and stores as they please.  There are no restrictions or leash laws.  Just be careful of other dogs and crazy drivers.

4. Walk into any establishment shirtless, and shoeless

I’m pretty sure most Ticos don’t even own shoes.

5.  Walk around in public with alcohol

        There’s no open container law, you can walk anywhere and even drive, with drink in hand, (At your own risk.)  Most restaraunts don’t care if you bring your own drink inside either.

6. Park your vehicle anywhere and everywhere

Anywhere there’s space that can fit your vehicle you can pull in, there’s no parking spaces or meters.

7.  Watch the sunset over the ocean

        While surfing 8 ft waves.

8.  Buy Liquor on Sundays

I had to throw that one in there…